This year (2011) we are inducting 72 new members hired between 7/1/90 and 6/30/91.

They are as follows:

Marian Anderson, Human Resources

Yvette F. Barker-Bolden, College of Education

Jeffrey R. Bazin, Computer Services

Maria Benjumea, Medical School

Lewis T. Bright, Medical School

Sallie Buckner, Medical School

Robert Cahall, General Accounting

Bernadette M. Clemens, Medical School

Valerie A. Cobb, Housing

Delores Cooper, Student Financial Services

Joan A. Craig, Telecommunications

Karen M. Crommarty, Medical School

Dorothea Culbreth, Medical School

Lonny Dash, Computer Services

Joseph P. DeFranco, College of Education

Viola Evans, Facilities Management

Lisa K. Fitch, Fox School of Business

Brian E. Forman, Computer Services

Linda T. Frazer, Business Services

Jeffrey S. Ginsburg, FM: Post Office

Mary M. Goodfellow, Medical School

Shelly A. Hawkins, Bursar: Credit and Collection

Jenny N. Haywood, Accounts Payable

Catherine G. Heberley, College of Education

Richard Hernandez, Medical School

Kristye C. Howard, Housing

Anna L. Hsieh, Computer Services

Raymond E. Johnson, Admissions

John A. Kaminski, Telecommunications

Mary E. Kelly, Facilities Management

Dale F. Kimble, Telecommunications

Carol J. Lang, University Libraries

Allison F. Levin, Computer Services

Jodi Levine Laufgraben, Office of the Provost

Thomas C. Martin, Medical School

Gene A. Mayro, Computer Services

Sylvia McNally, School of Pharmacy

Benny G. McNeil, Dental School

Jewel Merrell, Medical School

Annalisa M. Muldrow, Housing

Shyam K. Nair, Law School

John F. Necci, Law School

Paul E. Paire, Computer Services

Jeanette W. Pastelak, Research Accounting Services

Annamarie J. Pyfer, Medical School

Frank C. Qualtieri, Housing

Lewis Richmond, Facilities Management

Carole C. Roy, University Libraries

Jeff S. Rush, School of Communications and Theater

Dewayne J. Sherrod, Housing

Dorothy A. Stallings, Planning and Policy Analysis

Lorraine Stewart, Medical School

Jane E. Stringer, Medical School

Myra Taksa, Computer Services

Judith F. Tindall, College of Liberal Arts

Nancy A. Vann, Career Services

Matthew P. Waldron, Computer Services

Geraldine Walker, Facilities Management

Michael A. Wasserleben, Computer Services

Joseph D. Waters, Housing

Kathleen Wermuth, Human Resources

Marcia E. Whitaker, College of Education

Lily Zhang, Medical School