This year (2010) we are inducting 72 new members hired between 7/1/89 and 6/30/90.

They are as follows:

Marie Amey-Taylor, Human Resources

James M. Amey, Student Financial Services

Paul M. Amrhein, General Accounting

Charles H. Ault, TU Press

Tanya S. Belle, Kornberg School of Dentistry

Gwendolyn C. Bond, Fox School of Business

Robert A. Bookbinder, Paley Library

Paul A. Breccia, Facilities Management-HSC

Lisa M. Brice, Housing

Sheila D. Brogden, Vice Provost

Roberta R. Brooks, Paley Library

Willetta S Bryant-Lockett, School of Medicine

Sha’-Lee R. Bullock, Housing

Favio C. Bumanlag, School of Medicine

Lizabeth A. Burke, School of Medicine

Gerardo C. Cabatu, Post Office

Carmina L. Cianciulli, Tyler School of Art

Denise A Connerty, International Programs

Charlene M. Cornish, School of Medicine

Jimmie L. Crosby, Facilities Management

Raul A. De La Cadena, School of Medicine

Christine L. Farmbry, School of Medicine

William R. Foran, Facilities Management-HSC

Albert Forlini, Facilities Management-HSC

Robin Fuller, Facilities Management

Edgardo Gonzalez, School of Medicine

Gerard R. Griffiths, Facilities Management

Paris Hayes, School of Medicine

Martin J. Henigan, School of Medicine

Nancy L. Hinchcliff, Human Resources

Joyce Howard, College of Education

Rosemary A. Jackson, College of Education

Nelly Johnson, School of Medicine

Seward A. Johnson, General Accounting

Diane Amelia Keohane, School of Medicine

Janice M. Kersey-Boyd, Russell Conwell Center

Carol J Krouse, School of Podiatric Medicine

Christian W. Leight, Facilities Management-HSC

Geraldine Maddox, School of Medicine

Stacey N. Marks, School of Medicine

Dorothy J. McGahee, School of Medicine

Adrienne L. McGee, School of Medicine

Patrick J. McNamee, Facilities Management-HSC

Grisel Mendez, College of Health Professions and Social Work

Angelo Menefee, Facilities Management-HSC

William C. Miller, Campus Safety Services

Dawn D. Minor, School of Medicine

George Moore, University Counsel

Mark J. Murphy, Facilities Management

George Nelson, Facilities Management

Liset A Ortiz, VP Operations

Amiya K Palit, School of Medicine

Joanne L. Parker, Bursar

Gaurang D. Patel, Environmental Health and Safety

Mark A. Pawloski, Facilities Management

La-Vera M. Pointer, School of Medicine

Frank J. Remsing, Facilities Management-HSC

Celeste D. Roberts, Bursar

Evelyn R. Rossi, School of Medicine

Denise M. Rykard, School of Medicine

Dennis M. Serge, International Services

Karen A. Sherlock, Parking Services

Dipali Sinha, School of Medicine

Theresa Slaughter, School of Medicine

Alicia L Smith, School of Medicine

Francine C. Smith, School of Medicine

Regina Smith, Temple University Physicians

Sylvia D Smith, School of Medicine

Thomas J. Steck, Facilities Management

Vernon A. Stith, Post Office

Roberta A. West, Law School

Jennifer E. Williams, School of Medicine

Eugene Wyns, Housing