2009 Members

This year (2009) we are inducting ninety new members.

They are as follows:

Eileen Aitken, Computer Services

Leticia Alfredo, Medical School

Virginia A. Arnsberger, Facilities Management

Edward P. Arthur, University Residence Life

Alexander L. Avallon, Medical School

Susan A. Banka, Computer Services

Dory V Bearden-Edwards, Medical School

Aslaku Berhanu, Blockson Collection

Christine M. Brady, Institutional Advancement

Rufus Briggs, Facilities Management

Joanne B. Brogden, Computer Services

Ann M. Buchinsky, Bursar

Harriet Butterfield, Fox School of Business & Management

Deborah A. Campbell, Fox School of Business & Management

Frances D Cartwright, Kornberg School of Dentistry

Jorge L. Cruz, Facilities Management

Cheryl A. Cummings, Athletics

Kandy M. Dancy, Library

Dawn R. Dandridge, College of Health Professions

Maurice I. Darby, University Residence Life

Daniel P. Davis, Facilities Management

Lisa Deem, Kornberg School of Dentistry

Eric D. Dupree, Campus Safety Services

Eric G. Fields, Campus Safety Services

Michelle Fuller, School of Podiatric Medicine

J. Terry Funk, Purchasing

Joe Garcia, Campus Safety Services

John J. Garvin, Facilities Management

Beverly T. Gilmore, Kornberg School of Dentistry

A. Vanetta Grant, Medical School

Diane C. Green-Gilmore, School of Social Administration

Shirley K. Hall, Medical School

Constance Harris-Crews, Medical School

Adora F. Hatten, College of Education

Kathryn P. Hemsley, Medical School

Frank J. Isgro, Facilities Management

Kimberley A. Jackson, College of Liberal Arts

Zona D Jackson, College of Education

Sandra K. Kennedy-Harper, Kornberg School of Dentistry

Marianne P. Kilbride, Medical School

Louise P. King, Facilities Management

Nancy D. Kolenda, College of Education

Kathleen A. Kostic, Medical School

Bernadette T. Kotey, Academic Records Office

Elaine L. Kravitz, Internal Audit

Raymond W. Lauff, Computer Services

Valentina G Lauri, School of Podiatric Medicine

Juanita Lavalais, University Residence Life

Sharon L. Lee, Student Affairs

Irvin G. Martes, Campus Safety Services

Dedrah D. Martin, Kornberg School of Dentistry

John M. McCarthy, School of Communications and Theater

Daniel J. McColgan, Facilities Management

Rozina McFadden, Student Financial Services

Hazel L. Mitchell, Facilities Management

Jeffrey W. Montague, School of Tourism and Hospitality Management

Walter J. Moore, Medical School

Elaine M. Muraresku, School of Pharmacy

Alicia M. Newsome, Medical School

Dorothy Newton, Medical School

Kathleen S. Nogami, Human Resources

Veronica Norris, College of Education

Joseph J. O’Boyle, Computer Services

Robert H. O’Malley, Campus Safety Services

John R.S. Oram, Library

Mary C. Oslar, Facilities Management

James C. Papacostas, Computer Services

Cynthia M. Patterson, Tyler School of Art

Gladys Plowden, Computer Services

Reba Redd, Medical School

Laura S. Reddick, Undergraduate Admissions

John J. Ryan, Facilities Management

Andrew T. Sanchez, Facilities Management

Melva Smith, School of Medicine

Thomas P. Smith, Computer Services

Alberta L Smith-Campbell, Institutitonal Advancement

Catherine A. Thomas, Campus Safety Services

Margaret Mary Tyler, Controller

Alpha F. Walker, College of Liberal Arts

Thomas E. Ward, Campus Safety Services

Scott H. Washburn, Facilities Management

Martin Whitaker, Medical School

Calvin D. Wilford, University Residence Life

Karen G. Williams, Athletics

Rosalind S. Williams, College of Liberal Arts

Jennie K. Wong, Medical School

Kevin W. Wood, Temple University Center City

Aaron Wright, Campus Safety Services

Earlene B. Wright, Bursar

Shirley D. Wright, Campus Safety Services



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