55 years 7/1/57-6/30/58
Dorothy D. Johnson

45 years 7/1/67-6/30/68
Noreen H. Danze, School of Medicine
Lillian B. Jackson, Fox School of Business
Angela M. Racciatti, Beasley School of Law
Andrea M. Reynolds, School of Medicine
Thomas M. Whitehead, Paley Library


40 years 7/1/72-6/30/73
Beverly M. Andrews, Computer Services
Desiree R. Bennett, School of Medicine
Orval P. Brooks, Academic Computer Services
Quincy M. Burton, Campus Safety
Maryann F. Cancila, School of Medicine
Warren Dunmore, Facilities Management
Roberta L. Gordon, Athletics
Charles W. Hutchinson, Purchasing
Linda C. Jenkins, College of Liberal Arts
Margaret A. Jones, Student Affairs
Eufrocina C. Laudico, School of Medicine
Deborah G. Marshall, School of Media and Communication
Janice M. McDonnell, Beasley School of Law
Claire M. McNicholas, Telecommunications
Robert J. McQue, Campus Safety
Merrill M. Miller, College of Liberal Arts
Marion T. Parker, Human Resources
Robert Seifried, Computer Services
Darlyne L. Womack, Telecommunications


35 years 7/1/77-6/30/78
Vanessa G. Allen-Smith, College of Liberal Arts
Shirley L. Boyd, Paley Library
Jackson L. Carter, Campus Safety
Eleanor M. Cicinsky, Research Administration
William M. Colbridge, Facilities Management
Oliver D. Covington Jr., Campus Safety
Joann Dicroce-Ohara, Facilities Management
Renee E. Green, Human Resources
Addisalem Hailu, TUCC and Continuing Education
Joan Hankins, School of Pharmacy
Carolann Harris, Paley Library
Doris A. Izes, Tyler School of Art
Karen C. Kirch, School of Medicine
Dorothy E. Lee, Beasley School of Law
James A. Lemanowicz, College of Education
Deborah A. Riley, Office of the University Registrar
Regina M. Shapiro, College of Science and Technology
James Snell, Campus Safety
Donna M. Sowell, Beasley School of Law
David West, Campus Safety


30 years 7/1/82-6/30/83
John F. Adams, Facilities Management
San-Toi A. Brabham, Accounts Payable
Kurt A. Bresser, Facilities Management
Jennifer L. Bunch, Career Services Administration
Jean M. Cottle, HSC Library
Carolyn V. Cuffeld, School of Medicine
Roger W. Cutitta, College of Science and Technology
Loretta Edwards, School of Podiatric Medicine
Janet M. Francendese, TU Press
Laura M. Frisby-Selby, Beasley School of Law
Yvette L. Gibson, College of Engineering
Cynthia J. Harmon-Williams, Office of the Graduate School
William F. Hughes, Facilities Management
Daniel Kinkle, Facilities Management
Wayne V. Lamb, Internal Audit
James E. Mergenthal, Facilities Management
Richard C. Nagy, Campus Safety
Phyllis A. Schuler, Kornberg School of Dentistry
Patrice Smith-Smiley, Office of the Provost
Regina P. Terry, Facilities Management
Catherine Thomas-King, School of Medicine
Lori A. Thompson, Office of the University Registrar
Vincent Washington, Facilities Management
David R. White, Facilities Management
William J. Wilkinson, Office of the Provost
Barbara D. Willis, Bursar
Susan Young, Fox School of Business


25 years 7/1/87-6/30/88
James Adams, Campus Safety
Nicholas Adams, Facilities Management
John Addison, Facilities Management
Stephanie A. Arthur, Facilities Management
Deborah Dale Bennett, Campus Safety
Joan M. Bettendorf, Competency Center
Martin J. Bolger, Facilities Management
James F. Briggs, Facilities Management
David Broadus, Vice President For Students
Denise D. Brown, Bursar
Nora A. Brown, Facilities Management
Shirley A. Brown, Kornberg School of Dentistry
Rosalyn R. Carter, Facilities Management
Richard Cerruti, School of Podiatric Medicine
Sean P. Conran, College of Health Professions
Lorraine C Daniels, Kornberg School of Dentistry
R. Evelyn Diaz, Facilities Management
Nancy L. Etsell, Kornberg School of Dentistry
Deborah A. Feldman, Beasley School of Law
Edward M. Ficklin, Facilities Management
Tia Gilbert-Beverly, Harrisburg
Sharon A. Goodman, Beasley School of Law
Denise J. Greenberg, School of Medicine
Yvonne C Hall-Richards, School of Medicine
Myra Hom, Paley Library
Linda D. Ings, Alumni offices
Cachutta M Johnson, School of Podiatric Medicine
Elaine Jones, School of Medicine
Steven M. Karashoff, Accounts Payable
Deborah A. King, Paley Library
Donald H. Kirk, Facilities Management
Karen M. Kresge, School of Medicine
Donna Krewson, College of Science and Technology
Gwendolyn O. Lamb-Coleman, Facilities Management
Nora A. Leva, Tyler School of Art
George R. Lezenby, Paley Library
Dorret A. Lynch, School of Medicine
Willie Mae M. McDonald, Facilities Management
Karen M. Mcstravock, College of Liberal Arts
Jessamyn A Melnicoff, School of Medicine
Charles Middlebrook, Facilities Management
Anthony Morris, Facilities Management
Mark T. Mullaney, School of Medicine
Kenneth G. Murdter, Facilities Management
Paul A. Myers, Ambler
Nicholas M. Nicholas, Facilities Management
Kathleen M. Paul, College of Science and Technology
Michael E. Pliskin, Kornberg School of Dentistry
Tobias Q. Poole, WRTI Operations
Mary F. Raven, Facilities Management
Brenda Lee Reid, School of Podiatric Medicine
Debra L. Rice, Institutional Advancement
Catherine Riddick, School of Medicine
Michael Rigmaiden, Campus Safety
Vicki R. Rodriguez, Facilities Management
Anthony E. Ross, Facilities Management
Jean C. Saint Jean, Facilities Management
Darryl L. Sanford, Library:Ambler
Royce C Sargeant, HSC Library
William H. Schreiber, TUCC and Continuing Education
Jerry Sharf, Student Financial Services
H. Robert Singer, Infrastructure, Operations & Security
Pamela P. Smallwood, College of Liberal Arts
Necie Smith, Kornberg School of Dentistry
Sheri Stahler, Computer Services
John H. Starr, Measurement and Research Center
Robert Terrell Jr., Facilities Management
Shawn D. Warren-Stinnett, Campus Safety
Wayne G. Whitehouse, College of Liberal Arts
Denise A. Wilhelm, Campus Safety