20 year club – 2018 Honorees

60 years (7/1/57-6/30/58)
Dorothy D. Johnson Main-Administration
45 years  (7/1/72 – 6/30/73)
Beverly M. Andrews Administration
Warren Dunmore Main-Steam Plant
Roberta L. Gordon Athletics:Administration
Eufrocina C. Laudico TUSM:OB/GYN
Deborah G. Marshall Klein:Administration
Robert J. McQue Campus Safety
Marion T. Parker HR:Employment
Desiree R. Paschall-Bennett TUSM:OB/GYN
Robert Seifried Computer Services
40 years (7/1/77-6/30/78)
Vanessa G. Allen-Smith CLA:Psychology
William M. Colbridge Main-835 Service Center
Oliver D. Covington Jr. Campus Safety
Joann Dicroce-Ohara HSC-Housekeeping
Addisalem Hailu TUCC and Continuing Education
Joan Hankins Pharmacy:Dean’s Office
Karen C. Kirch TUSM:TMS-Administration
Dorothy E. Lee Law:Dean’s Office
James A. Lemanowicz Ed:Institute on Disabilities
Deborah A. Riley Office of the University Registrar
James Snell Campus Safety
Donna M. Sowell Law:Dean’s Office
David West Campus Safety
35 years (7/1/82-6/30/83)
John F. Adams Main-Building Maintenance
Kurt A. Bresser Main-Building Maintenance
Jennifer L. Bunch Career Services Administration
Jean M. Cottle HSC Library
Carolyn V. Cuffeld TUSM:Family Medicine
Roger W. Cutitta CST:Dean’s Office
Loretta Edwards Podiatry:Health Service Operations
Laura M. Frisby-Selby Law:Admissions/Fin Aid
Yvette L. Gibson Engineering:Dean’s Office
Daniel Kinkle Main-Administration
Wayne V. Lamb Internal Audit
James E. Mergenthal Main-Building Maintenance
Richard C. Nagy Campus Safety
Phyllis A. Schuler Dental:Clinical Affairs
Patrice Smith-Smiley Office of International Affairs
Regina P. Terry BUE Training Fund
Lori A. Thompson TUSM: TCRI
Vincent Washington Main-Housekeeping
William J. Wilkinson Office of the Provost
Barbara D. Willis Bursar
30 years (7/1/87-6/30/88)
James Adams Campus Safety
Nicholas Adams Main-Housekeeping
John Addison Main-Housekeeping
Joan M. Bettendorf Competency Center-Finance
Martin J. Bolger Main-Building Maintenance
David Broadus Vice President For Students
Denise D. Brown Bursar
Rosalyn R. Carter Main-Housekeeping
Sean P. Conran CPH:Kinesiology
R.Evelyn Diaz HSC-Housekeeping
Nancy L. Etsell Dental:Restorative-Operative
Deborah A. Feldman Law:Dean’s Office
Edward M. Ficklin Main-Administration
Vicki R. Flemmings Main-Housekeeping
Tia Gilbert-Beverly Harrisburg
Sharon A. Goodman Law:Legal Aid
Denise J. Greenberg TUSM:Radiology
Yvonne C. Hall-Richards TUSM:Radiology
Myra Hom Paley Library
Elaine Jones TUSM:TUP Operations
Deborah A. King Paley Library
Donald H. Kirk Main-Building Maintenance
Donna Krewson CST:Biology
George R. Lezenby Paley Library
Dorret A. Lynch TUSM:Med Genetics & Molecular Bioch
Willie Mae M. McDonald Main-Housekeeping
Jessamyn A. Melnicoff TUSM:Medicine/Rheumatology
Charles Middlebrook Main-Housekeeping
Anthony Morris Main-Building Maintenance
Kenneth G. Murdter Main-Housekeeping
Paul A. Myers Ambler:Student Services
Kathleen M. Paul Associate VP for Business Services
Michael E. Pliskin Dental:OMPMS-Oral Medicine
Tobias Q. Poole WRTI Operations
Mary F. Raven Main-Housekeeping
Brenda Lee Reid Podiatry:Health Service Operations
Michael Rigmaiden Campus Safety
Anthony E. Ross Main-Post Office
Jean C. Saint Jean Main-Housekeeping
Darryl L. Sanford Library:Ambler
Royce C. Sargeant HSC Library
Jerry Sharf Student Financial Services
H.Robert Singer Infrastructure, Operations & Securi
Pamela P. Smallwood CLA:Sociology
John H. Starr Institutional Research & Assessment
Shawn D. Warren-Stinnett Campus Safety
Denise A. Wilhelm Campus Safety
25 years (7/1/92-6/30/93)
William E. Aaronson Business:Risk,Insurance and Hc Mgmt
Kim D. Allen TUSM:Faculty Affairs
Nancy B. Andresen TUSM:Student and Employee Health
Adele Aniceto TUSM:TUP Operations
Antoinette Atterbury Internal Audit
Peter E. Bloomer HSC-835 Service Center
Felicia M. Boccuti TUSM:Information Technology
Harold B. Brooks CPH:Center for Social Policy
William C. Butler Housing:Maintenance Administration
Kelly E. Butts Institutional Research & Assessment
Sidney Clark Campus Safety
Carvel Collins TUSM:Medicine/Cardiology
Doreen R. Conway Education:Dean’s Office
Juan R. Cruz Housing:Johnson Hardwick
Linda Fiore Music:Dean’s Office
Gloria Gainey HR:Payroll Management
William J. Gibson Campus Safety
Jenine D. Gouch HR:Payroll Management
Alfred D. Harris BI/Reporting Services
Stanley Harris Main-Housekeeping
Andrew G. Hearn Housing:Maintenance Administration
Rodney Hill Campus Safety
Patrice L. Howerton Counseling Center
April Jenkins TUSM:TUP Operations
Mark A. Kemmerer CST:Chemistry
Ronnie Kimble Main-Steam Plant
Sherrie A. King-Woods CST:Mathematics
Joseph F. Krol FM:Steam Plant
Sean Leftwich Main-Post Office
Thomas G. Leonard Housing:Maintenance Administration
Kimberly L. Lockhart Dental:Peridontology
Sharon Loughran International Services
Karen L. Mcmichael Law:Foreign LLM Program
Arnold I. Meyer TUSM:CME
Gregory S. Mims Main-Steam Plant
Agoi Ombima Campus Safety
Hermelinda L. Ortiz TUSM:Medicine/General Internal
Evelyn Ortiz-Ulloa TUSM:Medicine/General Internal
King C. Paramore Campus Safety
Bela G. Patel TUSM:Fels Institute
Donna Riggs TUSM:TUP Operations
Dara K. Rimes Housing:Johnson Hardwick
Terri Sargent-Boone Campus Recreation
Amy Schmitt Bursar:Credit and Collection
Eric J. Schweingruber Boyer: Instrumental Studies
Debra J. Swartz TUSM:Surgery/Admin
Robert F. Taylor Main-Building Maintenance
Gerald Travis BUE Training Fund
George Vazquez HSC-Housekeeping
John T. Vizard Main-Building Maintenance
Heather B. Woods HR:Benefits Administration
Dolores A. Wyatt TUSM:Administration
Linda M. Zeltman-West Office of the University Registrar
Linda Zlatkin TUSM:Neurosurgery