45 years

Gloria J. Basmajian, College of Liberal Arts

Jacqueline G. Booker, College of Education

Linda L. Deininger, Fox School of Business

Evonne W. Dunlap, Purchasing

Bonnie S. Frumer, Ambler

Muriel Kirkpatrick, College of Liberal Arts

Grace Keitt, Facilities Management

Catherine L. Norman, School of Medicine

40 years

Donna T. Edwards, College of Education

Yvonne A. Fairfax, School of Communications & Theater

Geraldine P. Henderson, School of Medicine

Virgie Heyward, School of Medicine

Rosemary C. Magenta, Paley Library

Helen E. Miller, School of Medicine

James J. Mohan, Human Resources

Sharon L. Perry, School of Medicine

Lester J. Post, Campus Safety Services

Rosalie R. Rodriguez, College of Education

Frank W. Sauerwald, School of Communications and Theater

Susan L. Schmanek, School of Medicine

Elaine T. Smith, Human Resources

Brenda J. Washington, Beasley School of Law

Celestine M. Williams, College of Education

35 years

James W. Blakely, Kornbert School of Denistry

Diana Breslin-Knudsen, Fox School of Business

Helen M. Burke, Computer Services

Gwendolyn D. Deal, Beasley School of Law

James W. Degnan, Measurement and Research Center

Gail M. Gallo, Computer Services

Christine M. Greenleaf, School of Medicine

Rosa L. Grier, Paley Library

Marion Hansberry, Computer Services

Jacalyn B. Harriz, College of Science & Technology

Louis J. Higgins, Computer Services

Marvin Hill, Computer Services

Richard E. James, School of Communications & Theater

Francine M. Liberman, School of Medicine

Antoinette L. Matthews, College of Science & Technology

Maryann J. McGrory, College of Education

Cheryl Otterbein, School of Medicine

Frank J. Palazzo, College of Liberal Arts

Helen H. Robinson, Fox School of Business

Elizabeth Rodriguez, School of Medicine

Yvonne G. Smith, College of Health Professions & Social Work

Arleen Wallen, Office of Research

Richard L. Wambach, Measurement and Research Center

Valerie J. Williams, College of Education

30 years

Mark O. Aksoy, School of Medicine

Brenda P. Brooks, Government, Community and Public Affairs

Janet Carruth, Executive Compensation

Eloise Crawford, College of Liberal Arts

Daniel B. Dawson, School of Medicine

Joyce A. Dennis, Paley Library

William E. Eagan, Computer Services

Linda L. Eichenlaub, School of Medicine

John Forcillo, Facilities Management

Helen K. Greenberg, School of Medicine

Patricia A. Harper, School of Medicine

Milena Herman, School of Medicine

Georgina H. Howell, School of Pharmacy

Charles E. James, Campus Safety Services

Valerie D. Johnson-Roberts, College of Health Professions & Social Work

Joseph J. Meissler, School of Medicine

Kathleen M. Mills-Noel, Facilities Management

Peggy E. Moore, Vice Provost Undergraduate Studies

Dennis J. Paris, Facilities Management

Raymond Solem, Facilities Management

Jean M. Tamasaukas, School of Medicine

Clara Terry-Griffin, Kornberg School of Denistry

Linda Tribune, College of Liberal Arts

Luz D. Villarante, School of Medicine

Chet Zukowski, Athletics

25 years

David P. Brown, Boyer School of Music

Sarah M. Carroll, Physical Therapy

Vilma Chambers, School of Medicine

Jeffrey L. Chapman, Campus Safety Services

Diane R. Clark, School of Medicine

Michael H. Clemmons, College of Health Professions & Social Work

Kenneth G. Daskus, Duplicating Services

Sherman Diggs, Facilities Management

Lillian L. English-Hentz, Campus Safety Services

Joan R. Frazier, School of Medicine

Brenda L. Galloway-Wright, Paley Library

Barbara H. Grissani, School of Pharmacy

Karen A. Hardy, Kornberg School of Denistry

Carol L. Harvey, Campus Safety Services

Susan P. Hyer, Computer Services

John Ikoniak, College of Science & Technology

Milta S. Irizarry, Facilities Management

Marguerite Jackson, Boyer School of Music

James D. Johnson, Boyer School of Music

Mansura Karim, College of Health Professions & Social Work

Gerald G. Kean, Facilities Management

Karen A. Kurfuerst, Parking Services

Alta D. Lawless, College of Liberal Arts

Salvador J. Martin, Telecommunications

Mary A. Mccaffrey, University Counsel

Eileen M. McShea, Facilities Management

Ava Morgan, Kornberg School of Dentistry

Evelyn M. Myers, Human Resources

O Catherine Nimchuk, School of Medicine

Reid R. Overturf, Computer Services

Donna M. Patterson, Student Financial Services

Elva J. Petzak, School of Medicine

Dawn E. Ramos, School of Communications & Theater

Thomas H. Redman, Telecommunications

Faye Richardson, College of Liberal Arts

Michael F. Riordan, Computer Services

Sandra M. Rodville, Athletics

Willie Rogers, Government, Community & Public Affairs

Joseph F. Rudy, School of Medicine

Michael Stone, Housing

Michael E. Taylor, Telecommunications

Tanya A. Taylor, College of Liberal Arts

Michelle K. Trasken, Bursar

Ann H. Untalan, School of Medicine

Dale A. Venturini, Internal Audit

Thomasina Way, School of Medicine

Martha J. Willis, School of Medicine

Rosemarie A. Wint, College of Liberal Arts

Walter M. Wolansky, College of Engineering

Karen E. Woods-Wilson, College of Science & Technology



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