55 Years

Ethel L. Lombard, School of Medicine

45 Years

Thomas H. Wible, College of Liberal Arts

40 Years

Jean M. Berry, Office of VP for Computer Services

Carolyn Boston-Williams, School of Medicine

Alexander Camps, Facilities Management

Gerald Chamberlain, Tyler School of Art

Janice Coleman, Planning and Policy Analysis

Carol Ann T. Dangelmaier, School of Medicine

Roslyn Gorin, Computer Services

Robert H. Gravely, Facilities Management

Diane E. Hegedus, Paley Library

Catherine M. Hence, College of Liberal Arts

Alice B. Jackson, College of Education

Diane James, School of Medicine

Diane Johnson, School of Communications and Theater

Barbara L. Johnson-Funderburk, College of Science and Technology

William I. Jones, Tyler School of Art

Donna J. Mason, School of Medicine

Queene E. Mays, Fox School of Business

Harry E. Riley, College of Science and Technology

Sandra M. Thompson, Library-Ambler

Albert C. Vara, Paley Library

Pasquale J. Vitagliano, Facilities Management-HSC

35 Years

Barbara A. Anderson, School of Medicine

Florence P. Brown-Palmore, Boyer School of Music

Leopoldo C. Carino, Law School

Karen M. Cherwony, Human Resources

Delois E. Corbitt, Purchasing

Dwight E. Duley, Campus Safety Services

June C. Durham, School of Medicine

John R. Furlong, Facilities Management

Ellen B. Geller, School of Medicine

William B. Green, Campus Safety Services

Sandra M. Harper, School of Medicine

Allan O. Hulmes, Campus Safety Services

Henrietta M. Jackson, Law School

Curtis W. Jeffries, Student Financial Services

Georgia M. Johnson, Student Financial Services

Louise M. Jones, Fox School of Business

Gary S. Kapanowski, College of Science and Technology

Charles MacFarland, School of Podiatric Medicine

Barry M. McFadden, Campus Safety Services

Richard E. Milner, School of Medicine

Joyce D. Neal, College of Education

Sandra Ortiz, School of Medicine

Nancy L. Reichenbach, School of Medicine

Lawrence J. Reilly, Law School

M. Judith Russo, School of Medical

David P. Saez, Campus Safety Services

Robert Seifried, Computer Services

Laurie E. Shteir, College of Science and Technology

Ronnie A. Sipe, Campus Safety

Marilyn Solomon, Computer Services

Teresa Stewart, Internal Audit

Carolyn Thorpe, Undergraduate Admissions

Beverly A. Tinsley, Athletics

Delores Tyler, Purchasing

Delores M. Vanish, School of Medicine

30 Years

Barry A. Acquarole, Human Resources

Mamta Amin, College of Health Professions and Social Work

Ann-Marie Anderson, TU Press

Frank P. Annunziato, Controller

John A. Ash, Duplicating Services

James D. Civitello, Facilities Management-HSC

Eapen T. David, School of Medicine

Teresa A. Denny, Kornberg School of Dentistry

Thomas P. Eichler, Campus Safety Services

Celia S. Feinstein, College of Education

Steven C. Gallagher, Duplicating Services

Mary V. Gates, School of Podiatric Medicine

Joyce Hankins, College of Health Professions and Social Work

Eleanora L. Jones, Law-School

Nanette H. Joyce, Boyer College of Music

Sylvia O. Kaikai, College of Health Professions and Social Work

Irene T. Lojeski, Ambler-Academic Services

Eugene G. Maggioncalda, Facilities Management

Sharon Mattia, School of Medicine

William Osorio, Facilities Management

Margaret M. Pippet, Graduate School

Kathleen P. Pope, School of Medicine

Patricia A. Reavis, Tyler School of Art

Marylou A. Rizzo, School of Medicine

Michelle M. Robinson, Student Financial Services

Eric Sanabria, Facilities Management

Mary T. Sarajian, School of Medicine

Ruberto Serrano, Housing

Dolores F. Stanley, School of Communications and Theater

Teresa A. Taimanglo, Parking Services

Eileen F. Taylor, Computer Services

Kenneth E. Turner, Facilities Management

Mary B. Williams, Telecommunications

Harry A. Young, Human Resources

Gloria Zucker, College of Health Professions and Social Work

25 Years

Josue Alvarado, Facilities Management

Derek L. Atkins, Facilities Management

John E. Baum, Institutional Advancement

Barbara J. Bennett-Yates, Law School

Kurt R. Bodison, Environmental Health and Safety

Karen Burstein, HSC LIBRARY

Jeanette Butkiewicz, College of Health Professions and Social Work

Harry J. Carpenter, TUCC and Continuing Education

Michael Carter, Duplicating

Linda D. Collins, School of Medicine

Stacey N. Eleby, TUCC and Continuing Education

Vincent Elliott, Facilities Management

Donna M. Frazier, School of Medicine

Amy S. Goldman, College of Education

Sandra F. Green, Human Resources

Debra E. Griffin, Kornberg School of Dentistry

Roslyn R. Haines, School of Medicine

Michael P. Hutchinson, Facilities Management-HSC

Myrtle A. Jackson, Community Relations

John D. Johnson, College of Liberal Arts

Rebecca R. Johnson, Facilities Management

Cynthia P. Konecko, Computer Services

Irene J. Kushnir, School of Medicine

Deborah M. Love, Housing

William M. Majzik, Facilities Management

Patricia A. Merriweather, Facilities Management

Janice A. Milewski, School of Medicine

Ronald J. Moore, Facilities Management

Michael F. Murphy, Cost and Property Accounting

Penelope Myers, Paley Library

Mary Oehler, School of Podiatric Medicine

Darrell M. Phillips, Housing

Kathleen B. Richards, Student Financial Services

Vernell P. Ross, College of Engineering

Judy I. Shatz, Ambler Campus

Sheryl A. Smack, Paley Library

Paul F. Smith, Planning and Policy Analysis

Charles J. Smyth, University Budget Office

Deborah A. Spears, Bursar

Victor W. Thompson, School of Medicine

Suzanna Thornton, Diamond Dollars

Mary Vesey, College of Education

Jesse J. Wagner, Facilities Management

Gloria J. West, Campus Safety

Joan Williams, Paley Library

Elaine Winfield, University Communications

Richard J. Wood, Facilities Management

Jonathan B. Woodson, Campus Safety Services

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