Digital Marketing

Checklist For Your Online Business

How Are Businesses Still Missing the Boat on Their Online Marketing?

Even though it’s almost 2017, a surprisingly large amount of businesses still aren’t doing their due diligence when it comes to online presence.  A lot of them have not yet claimed their “Google My Business” profile, they have hired web design agencies that do not produce responsive websites, they are not optimizing their PPC campaigns, and they continue to commit a number of other cardinal sins of digital marketing.

2017 Checklist For Your Online Presence

Luckily, 12khz SEO | Web Design | PPC has made a checklist for business owners that are willing to take the time to get their online marketing right.

Attorney Marketing

Online Attorney Marketing in 2017

Marketing a Law Firm Has Never Been So Competitive

Attorney Marketing is one of the most competitive areas of the online marketing space.  With cases being potentially worth tens of thousands of dollars, firms with deep pockets are able to deploy PPC campaigns that drive thousands of visits a month, resulting in dozens of profitable cases that it would have otherwise not found.  Some keywords continue to cost over $100 per click, completely blocking any smaller firms from being able to compete directly.  That does not mean that the game ends there.

2017 Will Change the Landscape of Attorney PPC

There are many opportunities for smaller firms to stand out.  Our friends at 12khz did a short video on what we should be looking at when launching a law firm website, tips on how to run a PPC campaign, and a few other important factors.