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An Overview Of The Gutenberg Editor And WordPress 5.0

An Overview Of The Gutenberg Editor And WordPress 5.0

Working as a website designer in NJ is anything but dull. Just when we become comfortable with a new technology and way of doing things, something else comes along that upends the way you handle web design.  The Gutenberg Editor and WordPress 5.0 is an example of this.  Released in December 2018, the WordPress 5.0 is built on the twenty nineteen WordPress theme and the Gutenberg WordPress editor. That said, to serve as a breakdown of its essence, its concept, possibilities and recent additions are discussed below.

About Gutenberg Editor And WordPress 5.0

Gutenberg is the default and the sole editor on new WordPress 5.0 installations. What’s more, as a concept, it goes beyond editing. The editing is in fact just the starting point. Gutenberg is the basis on which the new possibilities of site building and customization is built. The primary aim of Gutenberg is to put together page editing and new post experience that simplifies the method of creating new post layouts. What’s more, since it’s creation there has been a number of additions to the platform all of which are designed to give the writer a rich and seamless writing experience. In line with that, it’s most recent addition being the WordPress 5.0 is furnished with blocks which are useful for composing and organizing content for a web page. So irrespective of if you are changing the face of your blog, creating your first site, or writing code for a living, you will experience flexibility in sorting out how your content is displayed. To give a more detailed view to this block-based editor, let’s understand the importance of blocks and understand the twenty nineteen WordPress theme.

Twenty Nineteen Theme

The above is a highlight on what Gutenberg desires to achieve. Twenty Nineteen brings these desires a step closer. In the simplest words, twenty nineteen was created for Gutenberg and with Gutenberg. It’s the least possible blogging theme which is typographically driven with an individual column layout. The twenty Nineteen themes in WordPress 5.0 can be used to create several websites such as small business websites and personal blogs. That said, Gutenberg and twenty Nineteen can be regarded as one and the same thing. In twenty Nineteen Gutenberg makes it possible for users to create their contents and build an entire website via the editor.

What’s New: The Introduction Of The Blocks.

The introduction of blocks in Gutenberg and WordPress 5.0 is to provide you with a seamless and enjoyable experience. It, in fact, operates as your new best friend. That said, blocks are the consolidative evolution of formative elements such as Meta boxes, post formats, widgets, shortcodes, and custom post types. These blocks are amazing for creating engaging content and an intriguing web page. In other words, they are a unit for creating and organizing content to be used for a webpage. Furthermore, with them, you can effortlessly style, rearrange and insert multimedia content. What’s more, this can be done irrespective of the level of your technical knowledge. Instead of opting for the traditional custom code when building up your content, you can explore the abilities of a block and without fuss create your content.

Constructing With Blocks

The new page editor and the introduction of blocks were created with the abilities to put together a new page and a post building ability. This would enable the writing of well detailed new posts to be seamless. That said, choosing to explore the possibilities of blocks through the use of the fresh to the scene block-based editor won’t alter the look of your content to your visitors. What it does is that it lets you insert any multimedia or content of your choice and rearrange your web page to your satisfaction. A single block is distinguishable, unclouded, reliable and nice. Each content would be placed within its designated block thereby permitting easy maneuvering. So if you are a CSS or HTML fan, then the blocks can be easily kept off your way. Overall, WordPress makes the process stress free and gives you the much-desired outcome. Examples of these blocks are:
1) Quote
2) Paragraph
3) Image
4) Embeds
5) List
6) Preformatted
7) Video
8) Cover and
9) Gallery among several others.
Numerous blocks are available each day and tons are continually being created by the community in order to give you a pleasant writing and content creation experience.

What’s Not New

The Gutenberg editor and WordPress 5.0 has undoubtedly featured revolutionary changes. However, with regards to editing, the Gutenberg editor and WordPress 5.0 makes room for the installation of the classic editor plug-in for users who don’t wish to take advantage of the Gutenberg editor. However, the team has stated that in spite of the room given to users for adaption, by the 31st of December 2021, the classic editor would be removed completely. Therefore users should get used to the change and the possibilities of Gutenberg editor WordPress 5.0.
On a final note, Gutenberg and WordPress 5.0 aims primarily to provide you with a stress-free content writing and page creation experience. It desires to do this through the establishment of the block-based editor. However, if you feel more comfortable with the use of the classic editor, it is still very available. Features such as Meta boxes, plugins and shortcodes amongst several others are available with the classic editor. So you are still guaranteed that unforgettable and easy writing experience.