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SEO for a Local Janitorial Services Company

SEO for a Local Janitorial Services Company

We recently began an SEO campaign for a janitorial services company in NJ.  It is a young company, but it has already gotten big clients such as McKesson Pharmaceuticals, the Trump Golf Course in Colt’s Neck, and several other significant accounts.  The owners managed to do this with no online presence to speak of—not even a Facebook page.  They came to us to build a website and possibly provide SEO services upon completion.

We managed to get the site up extremely quickly and the clients were very satisfied, so they reached out to us to have us begin doing SEO for the site.  We began by doing the usual—we opened up a Google My Business account for the company and opened up accounts to provide some local citations for the business.  All in all, we did standard work that is done for local SEO.

Normally, a site takes about 3-4 weeks to begin ranking for the targeted keywords.  Typical results that we see in the Search Console are something like this:

This was about 5 weeks of light SEO work for another local business that we are working with.

The Results for Our Janitorial Client During the Same Period

There were a two surprises
  1. We began doing local citations for the site around the beginning, but saw no changes in rank or impressions until we started link building to blogs.  We expected to see a clearer correlation between the local directories and search rank than we saw; this was atypical of new SEO projects and we are struggling to explain it.
  2. The keyword that is getting the most impressions happens to be the alt text from the image for this site in our web design portfolio.  What is odd is that it is a nofollow link, but it clearly influenced the indexing of the site.  Wth???


It will take time, but we will rank this site.  It clearly needed a better internal link structure than what we did during the development process, it needs links, and it needs time for those links to “age.”  Eventually, we would like to see this client’s SEO efforts pay off and become a key part of its marketing mix and a driver of its growth as a company.


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