I am a Research Assistant Professor (i.e., postdoc) in the Department of Mathematics at Temple University. My supervisor is Professor Matthew Stover.

Contact information : swfu at temple dot edu, office is at 1027 Wachman Hall

Main interest : Geometry and Topology of Low-Dimensional Manifolds.

However I am broadly interested in Hyperbolic Geometry, Geometric Group Theory, Geometric Structures, Low-Dimensional Topology, Dynamical Systems, Ergodic Theory, Billiards, and Teichmuller Theory.

Current projects :

(1) Deformations of quadratic differentials and flat metrics on surfaces.

(2) Cusp excursions of earthquake flows.

(3) Study curve systems and various mapping class invariant ways to measure their “complexity”.

Papers : Length Spectra and Strata of Flat Metrics. (Last updated: December 9th, 2013. Accepted–The final publication is available at link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10711-013-9942-2)

Preprint : Cusp excursions of earthquake flows on the once-punctured torus.

Information for 2016 : (under construction)

Some other old information : Fu-CV 2015 Research Statement 2015 Fu-CV Fu-Research-Statement Fu-Teaching-Statement thesis-Fu-040914final


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