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SFW- The Credential for Strengths-based Family Workers

Credential for Strengths-based Family Workers (SFW) is a new professional training and credentialing program that is comprised of a competency-based curriculum. It is unique in its focus on the development and documentation of knowledge and skill through the portfolio.  Workers who complete the program are better able to facilitate a family’s ability to set and reach their own goals. While nationally standardized, the training is tailored to meet the needs of local communities.


Implementing SFW Training in your area

How to get Started

Individuals interested in providing SFW training must be associated with a Lead Agency. The Lead Agency will have an agreement either directly with Temple University or with a state SFW Coordinator, if you are located in a state that is partnered with the Temple National Family Development Board. The Lead Agency will agree to implement the training according to Temple University Family Development Program national policies and procedures. On-going technical assistance will be provided by either the National Family Development Program or from your SFW state coordinator.

Who should become an Instructor?

  • Representatives of any type of family-serving organizations at local, state or regional levels
  • Representatives of human service coalitions interested in offering a training for Family Workers in their communities
  • Staff of community-based human service organizations who are involved in professional development
  • Staff of educational institutions (colleges, universities, special training institutions)

What is the responsibility of Instructors?

Instructors, with their Lead Agencies and interagency partners, will

  • Organize and offer interagency training programs for family workers, including facilitation of classroom sessions and portfolio development support
  • Recruit Learning coaches and work collaboratively with them to provide the local training
  • Follow all of the Temple University National Family Development Program policies & procedures

Requirements for becoming an Instructor or Learning Coach

  • Instructors and Learning Coaches must have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and experience working with families or family serving organizations.
  • They must also have a commitment to creating (or assisting) in the creation of a local implementation team to offer the interagency training within local communities.
  • It is highly recommended that individuals with prior training and/or adult education skills and experience are selected for these activities.
  • “Teams” of individuals representing different agencies and systems from the same community are encouraged to apply together.

For more information about implementing SFW Programs:
Contact the National Family Development Program at Temple University – Harrisburg for information about becoming a Lead Agency, an Instructor or a Learning Coach. Specific training is required for each of these roles which make up a local implementation team.

To find out more about Pennsylvania SFW Programs, contact Myka Piatt or Amy Wolfberg:  (717) 232-6400

Email:  Myka Piatt – Myka Piatt or Amy Wolfberg – Amy Wolfberg

To find out more about  National SFW Programs, contact Andrea Warner:  (717) 232-6400

Email:  Andrea Warner – Andrea Warner

 There is additional information about SFW for workers at the following link:

Credential for Strengths-based Family Workers



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