The mission of the new DEEL is to create an action oriented partnership dedicated to inquiry into the  nature and practice of democratic ethical educational leadership through sustained processes of open dialogue, right to voice, community inclusion, and responsible participation toward the common good.  We strive to create an environment to facilitate democratic ethical decision-making in educational theory and practice which  acts in the best interests of all students.


Save the date for 2015 New DEEL Conference

May 1 & 2, 2015


June 2013 New DEEL Blast

 Reflections on the 6th New DEEL Conference: Creating and Sustaining Democratic Ethical Leadership: The Impact of the Political and Global Financial Crisis.

We have held our 6th New DEEL conference just a few weeks ago and it was a real success. Here are some highlights:

Sid Glassner started our conference off with the Helen Oakes Lecture for Citizen Service to Education. His talk, “If Not Us- Who?” challenged us to consider our roles as educators in new and more dynamic ways in the face of a mindless accountability regime and a market forces ideology detached from people’s actual lives. Sid encouraged us to reclaim educational history and philosophy and provide this kind of grounding for those who aspire to become tomorrow’s teachers and administrators. You can see Sid’s entire address on our website.

Panel discussions on teaching excellence, honoring the work of Professor Emeritus Robert Walter, and mentoring, honoring Professor Emeritus Barbara Nelson Pavan, brought focus to these two critical aspects of our work and inspired great audience participation. The Donald Walters lecture, delivered by Steve Gross, highlighted turbulent conditions in international security, the economy, technology, and the environment as well as possible New DEEL responses.

Conference attendees made wonderful contributions and furthered our understanding of democratic ethical educational leadership by sharing their research findings in the three concurrent sessions. Victor Sensenig’s Who Counts in the Research on School Consolidation? and Colleen Larson’s Cold Realities: Approaches to Social Justice Research for Troubling Times are just two examples of the thoughtful, relevant work shared at New DEEL conferences.

The complete conference program is up on our website (sites.temple.edu/newdeel). We will soon put up pictures of the conference as well.

The Mentoring Project Moves Ahead

If we are going to respond to the needs of New DEEL community members from P-20 we need to think about the isolation that many feel. This raises the issue of reaching out in an effective way when we are faced with the dilemmas that are so frequent in our professional lives. For a long while, we have felt that our best response is the creation of a New DEEL mentoring program. New DEEL colleagues have met over the past several months to think this through and we held a special mentoring panel at our 6th New DEEL conference to focus on mentoring in honor of Barbara Nelson Pavan, whose work in mentoring has inspired many of us. New DEELer, Kristina Corey Legge, is heading this aspect of the New DEEL as the Assistant Director for Mentoring. Together Kristina and her team are organizing the first pilot program for our mentoring effort and they plan to submit a proposal on mentoring for next year’s AERA meeting in Philadelphia. Please contact Kristina (klegge@dccc.edu) if you have any questions or suggestions.

Joan and Steve Named Routledge’s Authors of the Month

In January, the second edition our book, Ethical Educational Leadership in Turbulent Times: (Re) Solving Moral Dilemmas, was published and we were honored to be named Routledge’s Authors of the Month. In this 2nd edition, some of our students and colleagues utilized the Multiple Ethical Paradigms and Turbulence Theory to reflect on ethical dilemmas they faced in their own settings. We are gratified to see others in our New DEEL community finding this approach useful in their work as well.

AERA: A Great Opportunity for the New DEEL

Next year’s AERA annual meeting will be held in Philadelphia from April 3-7, 2014, with the theme: The Power of Education Research for Innovation in Practice and Policy Rather than holding our normal annual conference, we will concentrate our efforts on AERA. We plan to make the most of this opportunity by submitting New DEEL oriented proposals and we hope you will consider doing the same. Submissions will be accepted from June 1-July 22 and you can find more information at the AERA website (aera.net).  See you in Philadelphia next April!

A Time to Say Thank You!!

Our New DEEL community is far flung and filled with active professionals who care deeply about our profession and our role in helping to promote social justice and social responsibility. Keeping our effort going is both a challenge and an honor.  It takes real  team work, especially from those who generously give their time in leadership positions. Over the past two years, our Assistant Directors have been the backbone of our community and it’s time to thank them.

Marla Israel has led the effort to bring our website and our listserv up to speed and is tireless in posting new items and helping new colleagues join us. Thanks to Marla, our conference goers received relevant information quickly. She also organized the concurrent sessions for our conference.

Joe Polizzi has brought the collection of New DEEL scholarship and literature related to our work together in a powerful and coherent fashion. He accepted the key job of rounding out the concurrent sessions, blending them into interesting groups, and finding session chairs.

Marc Brasof was critical in helping us develop our conference theme and setting up the early framework for our conference. Marc’s previous work on the 5th New DEEL conference was invaluable and we owe him our thanks.

Kristina Corey Legge’s work on mentoring is described earlier in this blast. We thank her for taking this initiative on and look forward to the start of a New DEEL mentoring program.

Finally, it’s time to thank each of you who make up our New DEEL Community Network. Wherever you work, whatever your responsibilities, it’s certain that you are busy and, even under considerable professional pressure. Yet, you have decided to join all of us in our combined work for democratic ethical educational leadership. In turbulent times like these, it’s powerful to think that such a community can be sustained and can offer educators a needed break from isolation.

Changing our educational system away from hyper accountability and market forces toward more Progressive ideals of democracy, ethics and social responsibility is going to take a long, long time. We all acknowledge that. Until we reach that goal, we have our New DEEL community network. Next semester will mark the beginning of our 10th year and we hope to make it our most dynamic. To do that, we’ll need your help!

All the best for the summer!

Steve Gross, New DEEL Director & Joan Poliner Shapiro, New DEEL Co-Director.