General Information

General Information about Learning Coach Training

SFW is implemented locally through lead agencies called Approved Providers and they will schedule a Learning Coach training directly through Temple University Harrisburg. The training is usually 1 full day for New Learning Coaches and ½ day for update training for certified Learning Coaches. Please contact your Approved Provider for the details of the next available Learning Coach Training. 

Requirements for becoming a Learning Coach

  • Minimum of a bachelor’s degree and experience working with families or family serving organizations.
  • The support of your employer to participate in the SFW Credentialing and Training Program.
  • The support from a Lead Agency or Approved Provider.
  • An understanding of and a commitment to the strengths-based, family development, empowerment model.
  • After the training has been completed the trained individual has an obligation to submit a letter of commitment, agreeing to uphold SFW policies and procedures that will lead to fidelity in application of the SFW

For more information about implementing SFW Programs: 

Contact the National Family Development Program at Temple University – Harrisburg for information about becoming a Lead Agency, an Instructor or a Learning Coach. Specific training is required for each of these roles which make up a local implementation team.

To find out more about Pennsylvania SFW Programs, contact Myka Piatt or Amy Wolfberg:  (717) 232-6400

Email:  Myka Piatt – Myka Piatt or Amy Wolfberg – Amy Wolfberg

To find out more about  National SFW Programs, contact Andrea Warner:  (717) 232-6400

Email:  Andrea Warner – Andrea Warner

 There is additional information about SFW for workers at the following link:

Credential for Strengths-based Family Workers