Temple Law Review Symposium:  The (Un)Quiet Realist:  Building and Reflecting on the Contributions of Bill Whitford.

Please save October 24, 2014 for a special event in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, honoring and building on the work of Bill Whitford, Emeritus Professor of Law, The University of Wisconsin Law School.

In a career spanning nearly fifty years, Bill Whitford has made significant contributions to some of the most important advances in the fields of corporate reorganization, consumer law (including consumer bankruptcy), and contract law. Confirmed participants will include many of the leading scholars in these fields:

  • Douglas Baird (University of Chicago)
  • Bob Hillman (Cornell)
  • Melissa Jacoby (UNC)
  • Bob Lawless (Illinois)
  • Ethan Leib (Fordham)
  • Lynn LoPucki (UCLA)
  • Stewart Macaulay (Wisconsin)
  • Katherine Porter (UC Irvine)
  • Iain Ramsay (Kent-UK)
  • David Skeel (University of Pennsylvania)
  • Jay Westbrook (Texas)

The Temple Law Review 2014 Symposium honoring Professor Whitford will be held in Philadelphia on October 24, 2014. The event, made possible through the generous support of Temple Law School and the Contracts Enrichment Fund of the Wisconsin Law School, will be led by faculty sponsors Jonathan Lipson (Temple University Beasley School of Law) and Jean Braucher (University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law). Papers presented will be published in the Temple Law Review.

Please stay tuned for more information and direct any questions to the Temple Law Review at