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Check Out: Volume 87.1 [Authors, Previews, and Full-text .Pdfs Inside]

Ralph C. Brashier – Conservatorship, Capacity, and Crystal Balls

Jessica R. Feinberg – The Survival of Nonmarital Relationship Statuses in the Same-Sex Marriage Era: A Proposal

Honorable Leo E. Strine, Jr. – Regular (Judicial) Order as Equity: The Enduring Value of the Distinct Judicial Role

Jay A. Soled – “Learning to Love Form 1040: Two Cheers for the Return-Based Mass Income Tax” (Review)

Dina Kopansky – Locked Out: How the Disproportionate Criminalization of Trans People Thwarts Equal Access to Federally Subsidized Housing

Kyle A. Jacobsen – From Interstate to Interstellar Commerce: Incorporating the Private Sector into International Aerospace Law

Ashley J. Adams – Intercollegiate Concussions: What the NCAA Can Do to Ease the Pain from an Inevitable Headache

The Social Medium: Why the Authentication Bar Should Be Raised For Social Media Evidence

This article is the first publication in Temple Law Review Online, a new platform for publishing scholarly works that are shorter than the traditional law review article, involve time-sensitive topics, or directly respond to materials published in Temple Law Review’s printed issues. We are excited to present the inaugural writing on a fitting topic: the intersection of modern Internet culture and traditional laws of Evidence. Professor Miller uses recent examples of “social media evidence” to argue that, given the current technological and social climate, a more stringent authentication standard must be developed and used.

You may find other work by Professor Miller at his blog, EvidenceProf Blog:

Check Out: Volume 86.4 [Authors, Previews, and Full-text .Pdfs Inside]

Jennifer M. Pacella – Inside or Out?: The Dodd-Frank Whistleblower Program’s Antiretaliation Protections for Internal Reporting

Rick Swedloff – The Trouble With Happiness

Jordan M. Ellis – The Sky’s the Limit: Applying the Public Trust Doctrine to the Atmosphere

Jared M. DeBona – Mom, Dad, Here’s Your Allowance: The Impending Reemergence of Pennsylvania’s Filial Support Statute and an Appeal for its Amendment

Eleanor Bradley – Adjusting the Law to Reflect Reality: Arguing for a New Standard for Student Internet Speech

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