Designed as an integrated learning community, the Law and Public Policy Program combines theory, practice and professionalism through course work, internships, and a mentor system.  Law and Public Policy Scholars spend their days at approved internships doing public interest, public policy, or public service work, and attend class in the evening and on weekends.  In addition to career guidance from the Director, each scholar is paired with an alumni mentor who can offer not just advice but a point of contact in the D.C. legal community, as well. 

The Law and Public Policy Program has five components:

  • A white paper, which can serve as a writing sample
  • An approved internship
  • A course on Institutional Decision Making
  • A mentoring relationship with a D.C. alum
  • Leadership seminars with D.C. alumni and the Director

Law and Public Policy Scholars work hard,  enjoy personalized instruction and guidance from the Director and their mentor, and emerge more confident than ever in their decision to become a lawyer and their ability to make change happen.

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