Secure Your Laptop

The Ginsburg Library recently completed installation of laptop lock anchors in 180 student study carrels.  See the pictures below. It’s quick and easy. These anchors are available for you to use now with your own cable. The library will have cables for you to borrow soon.

If you need assistance, ask one of our IT specialists who will be happy to help.

Laptop computer in a cubicle with cable and lock.


The anchor is attached to the cubicle. Use a cable lock to attach your laptop to the anchor.

Laptop computer in a cubicle with cable hooked through an D-ring fastened to the desktop.




Loop the cable lock through the D-ring.


Cable attached to laptop on one end and D-ring on the other.




You will find a small slot either on the back or side of your laptop to insert the lock.


That’s it. You’re done.



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