Harry Potter Exhibit

Come see the exhibit to learn more about the historical connections in the stories.

In addition to the National Library of Medicine display we have put together a display of additional images and materials in the library’s cases, many of which come from Temple University collections. These materials include the very peculiar history of the mandrake plant, the role of alchemy in the development of chemical medicine, improvements in anatomy and surgery, the presence of fantastical creatures in zoological texts, and fears and hysteria surrounding witches and witchcraft.

The last raffle was done on April 11.

Prize 1 – Harry Potter-themed cookbook along with some Harry Potter candy (Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans, Chocolate Frog, comes with collectible wizard card.

Prize 2 – The Hogwarts Library, a collection of three other JK Rowling books on Quidditch, Fantastic Beasts, and the Tales of Beedle the Bard, along with Harry Potter candy

harry potter books, bertie botts beans and chocolate frog candy Harry Potter cookbook, Bertie Botts Beans and chocolate frog candy

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Grey Literature

- a research resource for things not always  evident

Have you ever come across research roadblocks, wherein your topic yields too few publications or good leads to follow? Well, beyond the article searching done in standard databases, there are hidden information resources that you might be unaware of. This information is known as Grey Literature. The International Conference on Grey Literature in 1999 defined it as follows- “That which is produced on all levels of government, academics, business and industry in print and electronic formats, but which is not controlled by commercial publishers.” Often, these items consist of non-conventional, fugitive, and sometimes ephemeral publications, including, but not necessarily limited to the following types of materials: pre-prints, preliminary progress and advanced reports, technical and statistical reports, memoranda, market research, theses and conference materials. To explore Grey Literature further, we suggest these links—

New York Academy of Medicine   http://www.greylit.org/

Mednar  http://mednar.com/mednar/search.html?ssid=&searchMode=advanced

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Harry Potter’s World exhibit

Harry Potter's World letterhead with owlAn exhibition developed and produced by the Exhibition Program at the National Library of Medicine.

Illustration of dragon

Konrad Gesner,Historiae Animalium, 1551 Courtesy National Library of Medicine

In 1997, British author J. K. Rowling introduced the world to Harry Potter and a literary phenomenon was born. Millions of readers have followed Harry to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry where he discovers his heritage, encounters new plants and animals, and perfects his magical abilities. Although a fantasy story, the magic in the Harry Potter books is partially based on Renaissance traditions that played an important role in the development of Western science, including alchemy, astrology, and natural philosophy. Incorporating the work of several 15th- and 16th-century thinkers, the seven-part series examines important ethical topics such as the desire for knowledge, the effects of prejudice, and the responsibility that comes with power.

This exhibition, using materials from the National Library of Medicine, explores Harry Potter’s world, its roots in Renaissance science, and the ethical questions that affected not only the wizards of Harry Potter, but also the historical thinkers featured in the series. Explore the online exhibition along with education resources.

Six free-standing graphic panels will be on display at the Ginsburg Health Sciences Library from March 10-April 19, 2014.  

To complement this exhibit we have put together a display of additional images and materials in our glass cases, many of which come from Temple University collections. Come in to answer a few trivia questions and enter a raffle.

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Database Enhancements

New Year Updates

Several of the databases that we subscribe to have a new look for the New Year. The content hasn’t changed but the layout has. The design changes make it easier to find the content within. Here’s just a beginning list but as the year progresses we expect that there will be more as the vendors work to enhance their products.

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Winter Break Hours

The Ginsburg Library will have modified hours for the Holiday break
starting December 21st.


  • Saturday December 21: 9am-5pm
  • Sunday December 22: 10am-6pm
  • Monday December 23: CLOSED
  • Tuesday December 24: CLOSED
  • Wednesday December 25: CLOSED
  • Thursday December 26: 9am-5pm
  • Friday December 27: 9am-5pm
  • Saturday December 28: 9am-5pm
  • Sunday December 29: 10am-6pm
  • Monday December 30: 9am-5pm
  • Tuesday December 31: CLOSED


  • Wednesday January 1: CLOSED
  • Thursday January 2: 7am-12am
  • Friday January 3: 7am-10pm
  • Saturday January 4: 9am-10pm
  • Sunday January 5: 10am-10pm
  • Monday January 6: Return to regular schedule
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MDConsult Transition

MDConsult is being discontinued and will end in June 2014. In preparation for this change we have created a guide to help you locate the resources you are used to finding in MDConsult. The library has made every effort to identify books and journals that have been popular to our users. Please use this guide or search for journals using Journal Finder or Books in our online catalog.  We have also added DynaMed, a clinical reference tool, to our resources which is a good alternative to FirstConsult.

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New technology in study rooms

Ginsburg Library has added new technology to some of the study rooms. Ask about them at the circulation desk.

Interactive Projectors- Projector displays directly onto White Board where you can use the Interactive pen to draw on and highlight areas.

  • Check out the Remote and Interactive Pen when you check out the room

Mac Mini’s allow you to connect quickly to the monitor.

  • Check out the Wireless Keyboard and Mouse when you check out the room (each one is assigned to a specific room)

Learn more

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New PubMed feature

PubMed Commons

A new pilot project from NLM will allow you to comment on abstracts in PubMed.  While in the closed pilot phase there is a limited list of potential participants based on specific organizations. Check to see if you are on the list: How to Join PubMed Commons

Read more about it on the NCBI blog:  “We hope that PubMed Commons will leverage the social power of the internet to encourage constructive criticism and high quality discussions of scientific issues that will both enhance understanding and provide new avenues of collaboration within the community.”

This and other enhancements to PubMed are adding support and expanding communication among researchers.

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Thieme Clinical eBooks

Thieme logo

The library has purchased the Thieme Clinical Collections from 2010 to the present. Over 100 titles are included.

Use the library catalog to look for a title, then click the “access electronic resource” link under Link to Additional Content to get to the eBook.

Some possible titles are:

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Fall Hours and Labor Day Weekend

The Ginsburg Health Sciences Library will start transitioning to Fall hours the week of August 11th.

Week of the 11th the library will be open:

Sunday August 11: 1pm-10pm
Monday-Thursday August 12-15: 7am-12am
Friday August 16: 7am-10pm
Saturday August 17:9am-10pm

Week of August 18th the library will be open:

Sunday August 18: 10am-10pm
Monday -Thursday August 19-22: open at 7am Monday-start of 24 hours
Friday August 23: close at 10pm
Saturday August 24: 9am-10pm

Week of August 25th: Sunday-Thursday open 24 hours starting at 10am Sunday.

Labor Day Weekend:

Friday August 30: CLOSE at 6pm
Saturday August 31st: 9am-5pm
Sunday September 1: 10am-6pm
Monday September 2: CLOSED

 The 24 hour schedule will continue after Labor Day Weekend.

The hours for the current day can be found at the top right corner of the Health Sciences Libraries webpage. For a full monthly calendar click on the library name.


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Summer Hours

The library will transition to summer hours starting Wednesday June 12th.

Sunday through Friday the library will close at 10pm.
Saturday the library will open at 9am and close at 5pm.
Sunday the library will open at 1pm.

New Hours:

    • Sunday: 1pm-10pm
    • Monday-Friday: 7am-10pm
    • Saturday: 9am-5pm
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Memorial Day Weekend Hours

The Ginsburg Health Sciences Library will be open with modified hours for the Memorial Day Weekend.

    • Friday, May 24 — Close at 7:00pm
    • Saturday, May 25 — 9:00am – 5:00pm
    • Sunday, May 26 — 10:00am – 7:00pm
    • Monday, May 27 CLOSED
    • Tuesday, May 28 — 7:00am - return to 24 hours
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EBSCO Database Trials

We have a few EBSCO health sciences resources for a short period of time.

DynaMed is a clinical reference tool created by physicians. It contains more than 3,200 topics. Editors monitor over 500 medical journals on a daily basis. The content is updated daily and dates are clearly displayed.

Nursing Reference Center is  point-of care reference tool. It contains sections for Care Sheets, Legal Cases, Continuing Education, Patient Education and Health Nursing News.  Check it out while we have a trial.

Rehabilitation Reference Center is a clinical reference tool designed for use at the point-of-care. It uses the best available evidence to help support clinical decisions.

Please take a look at these and let us know what you think.

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USMLE Study Resources

Here is a list of some of the resources available at Temple Health Science Libraries to help you prepare for the United States Medical Licensing Examination –USMLE:

Online Question Banks

USML Easy- From McGraw-Hill, USML Easy provides thousands of online questions for Step 1, Step 2 CK, and Step 3. Includes a Practice Test feature which simulates the actual USMLE experience, including timed question blocks.

Harrison’s Online Self-Assessment & Board Review- Test yourself with over 1,100 multiple-choice questions accompanied by answers, detailed explanations, and chapter references to Harrison’s Online.


Step 1

USMLE Step 1 made ridiculously simple   W 18.2 C278u 2010

  • 1 copy in Ginsburg Stacks
  • 1 copy in Podiatry Stacks

First aid for the USMLE step 1: a student guide  W 18.2 F527

  • 2 copies of 2012 on Podiatry Reserve
  • 2 copies of 2011 on Ginsburg Reserve
  • 1 copy of 2009 in Podiatry Stacks
  • 1 copy of 2000 in Ginsburg Stacks

Step 2

First aid for the USMLE step 2 CS: Case Studies    W 18.2 F5273

  • 1 copy of 2012 on Ginsburg Reserve
  • 1 copy of 2012 on Podiatry Reserve
  • 3 copies of 2010 in Ginsburg Stacks
  • 1 copy of 2010 on Podiatry Reserve

First aid for the USMLE step 2 CK: Clinical Knowledge   WB 18.2 L433fa

  • 1 copy of 2010 as E-Book
  • 1 copy of 2012 on Podiatry Reserve
  • 2 copies of 2010 in Ginsburg Stacks
  • 1 copy of 2010 on Podiatry Reserve
  • 3 copies of 2007 in Ginsburg Stacks

Brochert’s crush step 2: the ultimate USMLE step 2 review  WB 18.2 B863c 2013

  • 1 copy on Ginsburg Reserve

USMLE Step 2 Secrets   WB 18.2 O18u 2010

  • 1 copy as E-Book
  • 1 copy in Podiatry Stacks
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DynaMed Trial

new database trialDynaMed

We now have a 30 day trial to the database DynaMed 

Try it out and let us know what you think.

DynaMed is a clinical reference tool containing evidence based content.

DynaMed contains:

    • Clinically organized summaries of over 3200 topics
    • Evidence based Content
    • Daily updates

Read the About section for a more information about the review and selection process involved in determining content.

A recent review of products, which included others such as UpToDate, ACP Pier and First Consult, found that DynaMed is the most updated of all and also rated high in quality of evidence reporting and breadth of coverage. Read these articles.


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Try this iPad app

Do you have an iPad? Would you like an app that will help you find and organize journals that are of interest to you?

We have been given an opportunity to try BrowZine, an iPad app that connects to many of Temple University’s subscriptions. You can search through the available titles, then select and save them on a Bookshelf. The trial is available until April 25, 2013.

BrowZine app image


Find it in iTunes BrowZine.

  • Download it to your iPad.
  • Search for Temple University and log in with your Accessnet Username and Password.
  • Select either Subject or Title A-Z to begin to explore what is available to you.
  • It is that easy to use. If, after exploring, you decide that you don’t want the content you previously selected just go to Settings and choose Reset Library Content.

Learn more:

For now, Browzine is only available for the iPad.

Please let us know what you think by using this form. Your feedback is important.


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Psychiatry Books Online

Psychiatry Online makes a free pdf available through their Book of the Month feature.

The Temple Libraries subscribe to Psychiatryonline.org. Each month a free pdf version of a highlighted title will be available. This month, March, the title is Psychodynamic Psychotherapy for Personality Disorders: A Clinical Handbook, Edited by John F. Clarkin, Ph.D., Peter Fonagy, Ph.D., F.B.A., and Glen O. Gabbard, M.D.

In addition to the Book of the Month feature this resource includes the DSM library, Psychiatry news and other highlights and features.

You can access the Book of the Month from the homepage at Psychiatry Online. Find it below the Books list. Use the link in our Resources list from on the Health Sciences Library webpage.

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NEW! Book Scanner

The Ginsburg Library has a new book scanner on the lower level of the library near the printer.

Escan book scanner

This scanner makes it easy to copy book pages.

Place the book face up on the scanner. Follow instructions that display on the screen or use the printed document that is next to the scanner to guide you.

Save the file to a flash/thumb drive or email it to yourself. It’s that easy!


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NIH Public Access Policy

News is buzzing about the new NIH Public Access Policy. There will be stricter standards starting this July. http://grants.nih.gov/grants/guide/notice-files/NOT-OD-12-160.html

Here are a few news items about the new policy:

Here are some specific links on the policy:

NIH put together a few YouTube videos that explain the process and the changes well:

One way to determine the method needed is to go to the NIH Policy homepage. Use the search box to type in the name of the journal that your article has been accepted to, or you hope to be accepted to. Detailed information about that journal will lead you to the correct process needed. For instance, Nature Publishing Group and New England Journal of Medicine are Method D (Publisher deposits the final peer-reviewed manuscript into NIHMS. The Author must complete all remaining steps in the NIHMS in order for the submission to be accepted.)

Some questions to consider (these are mentioned in the video and posted on the NIH Public Access Policy site):

  • Which submission method will be used?
  • What version of the paper will be made available on PMC?
  • Who will submit the paper?
  • When will it be submitted?
  • Who will approve the submission?
  • When will the paper be made public on PMC?

Read the blog article about chnages to MyNCBI to help manage compliance. If you don’t have a MyNCBI account yet you can find the link in the top right corner of PubMed or other other NCBI databases.

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On Display at Ginsburg Library

“The Frederick Douglass Memorial Hospital: History and Influence.” is on display at the Ginsburg Library. This exhibit was inspired by the traveling exhibit from The National Library of Medicine, “Opening Doors: Contemporary African American Academic Surgeons” which was previously at the library from December 17, 2012 to February 2, 2013.

The current exhibit is a collection of photos, articles and original materials that highlights The Frederick Douglass Memorial Hospital and Training School, from its opening through its merger with Mercy Hospital, until its eventual closing in 1973. This was a notable institution since it was one of the first black run hospitals and training schools in the country. When the hospital originally opened in 1895, it was located on Lombard Street in central Philadelphia, then later moved to West Philadelphia.

The exhibit highlights the history of this pioneering institution, the individuals who contributed to its success, and the lasting contributions it had on medicine in Philadelphia and beyond. Original materials and images are displayed courtesy of Temple University’s Special Collections Resource Center and The Charles L. Blockson Afro-American Collection.

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Anatomy Resources Online

Did you know that in addition to the many anatomy books in print the library also has online resources?

Find these listed under the Multimedia heading on the Health Sciences website.

    • Primal Pictures (OvidSP)-3D images, quizzes
    • Anatomy and Physiology Online (OvidSP)-guided learning

Search the Diamond online catalog to find several online books such as:

Learn more about our print and online anatomy resources here.

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Find a Resource

     With classes now starting with this new year, why not take a few moments to discover or maybe just re-acquaint yourself with some of our databases. Try clicking on a few tabs and links that you’ve never tried and do some exploring.  It’s  impossible to display all of our resources on just the Health Sciences libraries home page and that’s why there are more tabs and links displayed.  Keep in mind that there are now multiple ways to get to a favored resource.
     Don’t think that the Quick Links on the Home page tell the whole story. So, on the Home Page, set near the very top of the page within the dark red banner area, you will notice the words Resources and Multimedia, two clickable tabs that you can check out to start your investigating. When you click the Resources tab for example, notice that there are Specialty Resources, detailed Drug Resources, as well as tools for performing Assessment and Credentialing.
     As the website is a work in progress, to better serve the needs of Temple University and the Health Sciences Campus patrons in particular, the staff at Ginsburg Library strongly encourages website feedback, from you the users. So, feel free to make comments or suggestions by clicking on the link (found at the webpage, bottom right).
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The library has a new subscription!

USMLE Easy available now. Helps you prepare for the USMLE Step1, Stp 2 CK and Step 3.

    • Create your own account
    • Practice at your own pace
    • Customize practice exams
    • Track performance
    • Thousands of online questions, sorted by:
      • Organ systems  and topics
      • General knowledge
      • Disorder types
      • Clinical Specialties

Includes recommended resources automatically generated based on your performance.

Find it on our website: http://library.temple.edu/hsl/resources

Watch a demo here: http://www.usmle-easy.com/public/sitedemo.aspx

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Try “Clinical Key”

Computer screen displaying 'New Database Trial: Clinical Key

ClinicalKey from Elsevier

Trial available until December 30, 2012

Access to current medical and surgical content including:

      •  First Consult
      •  Top journals
      •  Best-selling medical and surgical books
      •  Thousands of medical videos, millions of images, and much more content across 12 distinct content types.
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Follow Us on Twitter

Twitter BirdThe Health Sciences Libraries are on Twitter

We will be Tweeting facts about our exhibition “Opening Doors: Contemporary African American Academic Surgeons”. Be sure to come by to see it in December and January along with our new display in our cases.

Other plans include:

    • Events
    • Library Updates
    • Changes to resources and space
    • New Database Trials
    • Health Sciences Topics

Tell us what you think and how we can use Twitter to keep you informed.

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“Opening Doors” Exhibit

        The Ginsburg library will be hosting the traveling exhibition,
Opening Doors: Contemporary African American Academic Surgeons”
On display: mid-December, 2012-early February, 2013

This is an exhibition celebrating the contributions of African American academic surgeons to medicine and medical education. It tells the stories of four pioneering African American surgeons and educators who exemplify excellence in their fields and believe in continuing the journey of excellence through the education and mentoring of younger physicians and surgeons.

Through contemporary and historical images, the exhibition takes the visitor on a journey through the lives and achievements of these academic surgeons, and provides a glimpse into the stories of those that came before them and those that continue the tradition today.

Operating room-Frederick Douglass Memorial Hospital,
founded in Philadelphia in 1895.
African Americans in an operating room of Frederick Douglass Memorial Hospital

Courtesy National Library of Medicine

This exhibition was developed and produced by the National Library of Medicine and the Reginald F. Lewis Museum of Maryland African American History and Culture, Baltimore. 

Read more on the NLM website: Traveling Exhibition

In honor of this exhibition we have collected Temple’s own historical images and materials that highlight the Frederick Douglass Memorial Hospital and Training School from its beginnings through a merger to become the Mercy Douglass Hospital through the eventual closing. The dedication, determination and contributions of a few individuals in this Philadelphia history are noted. These items will continue to be on display in the lobby of the Ginsburg Health Sciences Library after the exhibition leaves.

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PubMed YEP

PubMed is currently in the stage where it will not be receiving indexed Medline citations. This happens every year during “Year End Processing.” Read an earlier post “Medline Updates” for more information.

Have more questions about MEDLINE or PubMed? Contact a Health Sciences librarian.

Call 215-707-4033 or use HSC Reference e-mail

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Sustainability Week

For all of our environmentally conscious Health Science campus students and staff, now’s a great time to acquaint yourself with many of the events associated with Temple University’s Annual Sustainability Week. There’s plenty of activities one can do, either from at home or at your workplace. And if you’re really thinking green these days, why not sign the Energy Conservation Pledge, which is linked along with alot of other good information and resources at the Office of Sustainability’s website  http://sustainability.temple.edu/

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Secure Your Laptop

The Ginsburg Library recently completed installation of laptop lock anchors in 180 student study carrels.  See the pictures below. It’s quick and easy. These anchors are available for you to use now with your own cable. The library will have cables for you to borrow soon.

If you need assistance, ask one of our IT specialists who will be happy to help.

Laptop computer in a cubicle with cable and lock.


The anchor is attached to the cubicle. Use a cable lock to attach your laptop to the anchor.

Laptop computer in a cubicle with cable hooked through an D-ring fastened to the desktop.




Loop the cable lock through the D-ring.


Cable attached to laptop on one end and D-ring on the other.




You will find a small slot either on the back or side of your laptop to insert the lock.


That’s it. You’re done.



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PubMed Questions?

Have questions about PubMed? Wonder if you are using all the features available?

Want some help? Schedule a session with one of the reference librarians. We also offer training sessions in our computer lab.

Schedules are posted on the website and the monitor behind the circulation desk.

Contact Lauri, lfennell@temple.edu or 215-707-7411 with questions.

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Every year the National Library of Medicine updates Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) and Substance Names on existing MEDLINE citations.

For a short period of time, starting in November, citations in PubMed will not be fully indexed. This means that searches conducted using the MeSH database could potentially miss more  citations than usual during that time. There will be an increase in the number of citations with the indicators of [PubMed in process] or [PubMed-as supplied by publisher].  Once the update is complete (approximately mid-December) indexed citations will be added to PubMed again.

To learn more go to:

Learn more about new descriptors and other changes:   Introduction to MeSH-2013.

Have more questions about MEDLINE or PubMed? Contact a Health Sciences librarian.

Call 215-707-4033 or use HSC Reference e-mail

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Website Redesign!

The Health Sciences Libraries have a new website, library.temple.edu/hsl.

Some of the new features include:

  • “Quick Search” boxes for PubMed, Journals, Databases and Books.
  • A Quick Links sidebar on the left highlighting some of the most commonly used resources and services.
  • Links to our Health Sciences guides-where you can find information specific to a designated topic.
  • Our blog feed on the right-find posts on new resources, events and library news.
  • Our list of noted health sciences resources can now be found under the headings Resources or Multimedia, at the top of the page.
  • Learn more about the libraries in Services and About headings, also at the top of the page.

Please share your comments and suggestions by clicking the link in the blue box on the bottom right corner or using our suggestion box near the circulation desk. We would like to hear from you.


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New Ebooks-Colloquium Series

The library has purchased several new ebooks including a new series:

Colloquium Digital Library of Life Sciences.

This is an online collection  that contains:

  • Integrated Systems Physiology Series
  • The Developing Brain Series
  • Cell Biology of Medicine Series
  • Neuropeptides Series
  • Developmental Biology Series
  • Cell Biology of Medicine Series

A few examples of titles are:

  • The Immune System and the Developing Brain
  • Angiogenesis
  • Understanding Breast Cancer: Cell Biology and Therapy — A Visual Approach
  • How the heart develops a visual approach

Browse for more titles in the online catalog: Diamond Catalog-Colloquium Titles


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NEW Anatomy & Physiology resource.

In addition to Primal Pictures Anatomy we recently added Anatomy & Physiology Online. The content in this resource mimics a two semester anatomy course.

Here’s just a few of the highlights:

  • A guided-learning anatomy and physiology resource.
  • Based on Human Anatomy and Physiology Scociety (HAPS) learning objectives
  • 19 Body System Modules
  • Quizzes
  • 250 plus topics and case studies covering pathophysiology
  • Multimedia content
You can get to it by clicking on OVID resources also found under Quick Links, click on the Primal Pictures tab at the top of the page to choose Anatomy and Physiology Online. 

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NEW Resource! Cochrane Library

We now have unlimited access to the Cochrane Library. The link can be found on the Ginsburg Library homepage http://library.temple.edu/hsl/

The Cochrane Library is a collection of six databases that contain different types of high-quality, independent evidence to inform healthcare decision-making.

These are:

  • Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews
  • Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials
  • Cochrane Methodology Register
  • Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effects
  • Health Technology Assessment Database
  • NHS Economic Evaluation Database

Information about the Cochrane Collaboration is also included. The library previously offered these through OVID on a limited concurrent user basis. These can still be found in the OVID collection.

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Have a suggestion?

We have a new suggestion box where you can write out your  suggestions.

It is located at the reference desk. You can also submit your suggestions with our online form. You can find this form under the services tab on the Ginsburg library homepage or by following this link:


Thank you for your interest in helping improve the Ginsburg Health Sciences Library.

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RefWorks 2.0: What’s new?

RefWorks 2.0 is now the default display for this resource; the “classic” version is no longer available.  The change in interface will not affect your current references or Write-N-Cite tool.

Some of the new features of RefWorks 2.0 include:

  • the ability to create subfolders in pre-existing folders
  • a “drag and drop” function for moving references between folders
  • a Quick Access bar on the right hand side of the page for quick access to commonly used features

Have questions about the new interface?  Stop by the reference desk or contant one of our reference librarians for assistance.                                                              

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Recycling Notice

Temple University is currently engaged in the annual Recyclemania
Campaign, sponsored by the Office of Sustainability.  To all our ‘green-thinking’ Health Science
campus personnel who want to contribute to our efforts, there is a link below
that you should check out–  


In addition, for those willing to make an ongoing personal
commitment to living an environmentally sensitive lifestyle, there is the
Sustainability Pledge Form directly below–


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Do you know about the Henry Stewart talks?

“Henry Stewart Talks is committed to providing research scientists with access to world class seminars by leading thinkers and authorities from around the globe, in one online resource – wherever, whenever and as often as they like.”

The Ginsburg Library provides access to The Biomedical and Life Sciences
Collection. http://hstalks.com/main/index_category.php?id=252

  • New topics are added monthly.
  • Two recent topics added to the Series are “Protein
    Homeostasis” and “Advances in Asthma”.
  • There are over 1400 talks available to Temple.  Please be sure to take a look at the full collection.
  • You can find the link on the Multimedia page from the HSL website.

Please note that for the best possible viewing experience there are specific recommendations found on the website.

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Article TIP: Requesting articles not owned by Temple

After you have found the article through one of the databases
and clicked on the

Find full text icon

  • If you see the words, “Sorry, no holdings were found for
    this journal.”
    Then you will need to request the articles through
    interlibrary loan.
  • Look below this statement to “Additional Options for Finding this
    1. Click on ILLiad for
      Ginsburg Health Sciences Library
      If you have never used ILLiad then you will need to click on “First
      Time Users” below the login boxes.
    2. Log in using your
      Accessnet name and password, the same one you use to login to TUportal. (Note:
      If you are a hospital employee you may need to request an accessnet account)
    3. Once you log in check to
      make sure the information is correct, fill in any needed information and
      click on Submit Request at the bottom of the page.
  • It takes about 3-5 business days to receive this item. You will receive an e-mail notification.


If you started by checking Journal
Finder or the Diamond Catalog:

Your search brings you to a page indicating “0 records retrieved for the search”

  • Follow steps 1-3 above
Direct link: ILLiad for Ginsburg Health Sciences Library patrons, please be sure to confirm that the library doesn’t own an item before requesting interlibrary loan.

Contact the library reference desk with questions: 215-707-4033
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Receive Clinical Alerts and Advisories

The National Library of Medicine offers clinical alert

Clinical alerts are
provided to expedite the release of findings from the NIH-funded clinical
trials where such release could significantly affect morbidity and mortality.” 

You can subscribe to receive these alerts through an RSS feed.

Here’s how:

Copy and paste this URL into your RSS Reader of choice: http://www.nlm.nih.gov/rss/auto/ClinicalAlerts.rss

If you were previously
subscribing to these please UPDATE your URL to the one provided here.

There were 2 alerts and 1
advisory in 2011. You can see these and other past announcements by clicking here:

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Register Today! Winter/Spring 2012 Library Workshops

The Ginsburg Library is pleased to offer a series of workshops for students, faculty, and staff. Taught by the Library’s expert staff, these short, hands-on classes cover everything from effectively searching research databases to organizing and managing your references.


Register here at our website.


Introduction to PubMed                          


The National Library of Medicine’s premier bibliographic database is freely accessible on the web and has over 21 million citations in the biomedical and life science fields. Learn how to search the literature, manage results, and receive updates in your area of research.

January 24, 12pm-1pm

March 7, 12-1pm   (WEBINAR)



CINAHL- Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature    


Learn how to build basic literature searches in the fields of nursing and allied health. This workshop will also cover how to locate evidence-based practice information, how to manage search results, and how to create alerts.

January 18, 11am-12 noon

March 15, 1-2pm  (WEBINAR)



RefWorks Basics                         


Web-based citation management software, free to all Temple faculty and students. Learn how to store and integrate research citations into papers.

January 26, 11am-12 noon

February 28, 10-11am



Finding the Evidence                   


A review of the principles of evidence based practice, as well as: tips on creating well-built, answerable clinical questions, an overview of the appropriate library resources to use for finding various levels of evidence, and criteria for critically appraising studies.

February 1, 12-1:30pm


Best Resources for OT & PT           


An overview of the best databases to find information for these disciplines, as well as a review of literature searching techniques and free visual anatomy software.

February 9, 11am-12 noon



Beyond CINAHL: Resources for Nursing         


Learn how to use point-of-care tools to screen patients for diabetes, control hypertension, identify drug/herbal/supplement interactions, and more. Tools to be covered include First Consult, Natural Standard, and Lexi-Comp.

February 14, 11am-12 noon 


Point-of-Care Tools for Medicine

A short introduction to electronic point of care tools available via the library.  Resources to be highlighted include: First Consult, drug monographs, and PubMed’s Clinical Queries.

February 22, 12-1pm


Using OVID Medline Effectively                            

Learn how to navigate OVID’s interface for optimal literature searching, as well as how to save and email your search results.

March 21, 1-2pm


Updates & Alerts: Tools for tracking published articles  

Create customized email alerts to be notified when articles are published about research topics of interest to you. The workshop will cover alert services provided by: PubMed’s My NCBI, OVID’s electronic Table of Contents feature, and journal-specific tools.

April 18, 12-1pm


Register here at our website.



Workshops are also offered on an on-demand basis.  Contact us for more information about scheduling a workshop for your class or department. 



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R2 Library

Temple Ginsburg Library patrons in need of a good e-book resource are invited to check out the  R2 Library.From the Library’s homepage, look under the Books category for R2 Library. The R2 e-book collection is neatly arranged into 3 areas of interest-  Medicine, Nursing and Allied Health, covering approximately 800 volumes.

When you open up the database, you will be presented with the Quick searching option as the default. It is a breeze. Just enter your search term, with the most results obtained by the All content default search (recommended for new users). In the Quick Search, you can also search by title, image, (a nice feature not always available in databases) author or ISBN number.

If you are visually inclined, the results of your searches display miniatures of the respective book covers. However, if you are trying to locate something specific that you have in mind, use the Advance Search Feature (next to the Go button). There you can apply Boolean and keyword searching for more precise results.  Complimenting your book title research, the R2 Library also comes with an A-Z Drug Index. Lastly, there is a Reserved Shelf located near the lower left margin. This area was designed for quick access to titles, so if they are listed here, they were probably added by faculty for Course Reserve. 

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Online Tutorials

Need a little help getting started in PubMed or CINAHL? Then check out our new online video tutorials! Just click on the video icon next to the database on our homepage and you can watch a demo of how to conduct an effective literature search. These short, 5-minute videos are designed to provide an introduction to these popular health science resources. 

If you still have questions regarding these, or any of our resources, you can ask a librarian for assistance or sign up for one of our library workshops this Fall (register online here.)


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Changes to our computer system

The Ginsburg Library’s computers will be moving to the Temple University computer domain.

What does this mean for library users?

  • All Temple faculty, staff and students will need to login to the computers with their Accessnet username and password.
  • There will be 4 computers reserved for guests on the first floor of the Library. Guests will need to register for an account at the circulation desk and they will have up to two hours to use the computer.
  • These changes will take place in the upcoming weeks and should be complete by the end of August.


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2011 Faculty Learning Series

The Ginsburg Health Sciences Library is pleased to offer a new series of information workshops for Temple University faculty. The 2011 Faculty Learning Series will cover topics such as using journal citation reports, locating evidence-based resources, and tips for incorporating resources into Blackboard.

This series begins on July 20, 2011. For questions and registration information, please contact Susan LaValley at x2-2026 or lavalley@temple.edu

2011 Faculty Learning Series

What’s the Impact?

Using Journal Citation Reports and Web of Science citation searching features

July 20,   10:30-11:30am

Library Room 248

Assignments that make sense: syllabus drop-in clinic

Drop in for advice on overall course design, how to build research assignments, and on instructional technology

August 17,  10am-12noon

Library Room 246a

Locating the Evidence

A review of the principles of evidence-based health care and strategies for finding the best clinical evidence

August 23,   3pm-4:30pm

Library Room 248

Blackboard: a 3-part series

Quick Start –An introduction to Blackboard

In this hands-on session faculty will learn to create Blackboard Courses and enroll students.  Additionally faculty will learn to post a syllabus, an announcement, create a document folder, and learn how to email their class list from inside their Blackboard course.  Faculty may bring course materials on a flash drive or CD.  Faculty wishing to reuse an existing course should contact the ISC for instructions to archive their class before the session begins.

Register at http://www.temple.edu/cs/training/

September 13,  12-1pm

Library Room 248

Using Blogs and Wikis in Blackboard

The Blog and Wiki tools in Blackboard allow instructors to add a blog or wiki to their Blackboard course.  This hands on session will discuss the differences between these tools, discuss best practices for using these tools in Blackboard, as well as detail the options available to faculty using these tools.  Instructors will learn to create blogs, wikis, as well as access and grade student’s participation in them.  Instructors will have time after the session to set up blogs and wikis in their own course.

Register at: http://www.temple.edu/cs/training/

September 14,  12-1pm

Library Room 248

Integrating Library Resources into Blackboard

September 21,  12-1pm

Library Room 248


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Summer Hours at the Ginsburg Library

Begining on June 8th, the library will be open during the following hours:

Monday-Friday: 7am-10pm

Saturday:  9am-5pm

Sunday:  1pm-10pm

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Primal Pictures

Have you used Ovid’s Primal Pictures yet?  Primal Pictures is the premier online anatomy reference tool that provides access to thousands of interactive 3D-animated human anatomy modules.  With over 6,500 modules, users can rotate, peel back layers, reconstruct, and study just about every part of the human body.  Primal Pictures allows users to compare 3D images to MRIs, review clinical videos of procedures and treatments, take practice quizzes, and move easily between images, animations, movie clips, and slides.

Some specialty titles include 3D Head: basic neuroanatomy, 3D Head: pediatric comparisons, 3D Head: otolaryngology, Pelvic Floor Disorders, Speech Language Pathology, Spine: Clinical, Spine: Chiropractic, Radiology: Thorax, Trunk, and Urology.

Primal Pictures for Dentistry provides dental professionals and students access to a 3D image library with over 100 views that are fully customizable. Users can access 3D modeling of the head, oral and nasal cavities, dentition, and individual teeth, including regions showing cusps, grooves, pits, ridges and roots.

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Print on the Go!

The Ginsburg Library now offers wireless printing! Follow these simple steps to configure wireless printing and you will be able to print directly from your laptop to any of our printers.  We just installed new high speed printers as well, so printing at the library is faster and easier than ever.
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DynaMed Trial


The library is introducing a new trial for DynaMed, an evidence-based point of care tool that allows physicians, medical students and health care providers to research authoritative and clinically-relevant information from respected publications, associations, and contributing clinicians in a quick and easy fashion. DynaMed is updated daily and monitors the content of over 500 medical journals and systematic evidence review databases and provides clinically-organized summaries for more than 3,200 topics. Some other features include patient information, comprehensive drug information from AHFS, EMR integration with all electronic health/medical records, medical calculators, and more. This trial is available until June 20, 2011.

Please contact Barbara Kuchan with your feedback.

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New E-Book Collection


The library has just acquired 200 new E-books! These E-books are part of our existing collections, R2 Library and Science Direct, which provide access to leading books and journals in the Medical, Dental, Nursing, and Allied Health fields.
Some titles from Science Direct include Principles and Practice of Wrist Surgery, Adler’s Physiology of the Eye, Surgical Techniques Atlas Series, and Principles and Practice of Laser Dentistry.
And be sure to check out these R2 titles, Atlas of Gastroenterology, Clinical Coach for Effective Nursing Care for Older Adults, and Functional Performance in Older Adults.
To see the entire list of new E-books click here: EBooks.pdf                     


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Temple University joins Biomed Central

Temple University is now a shared support member of Biomed Central, an open access publisher.  One of the features of this membership is that the Libraries will pay half of the article publishing costs for Temple authors whose works are accepted by BMC journals.  Temple University’s member page is available at: http://www.biomedcentral.com/inst/36461

What is “open access” publishing? The open access model is designed to move important research content from behind closed pay walls and into the public domain so that it is widely accessible.  This is accomplished by directly underwriting the costs of peer review and production in advance. Biomed Central’s support comes from article publishing charges; charges which can be paid for by authors, institutions or by certain funding bodies.  

The benefits provided by Biomed Central include the following:

  1. Articles are accessible via the Internet without subscription or pay-per-view charges
  2. Articles are immediately deposited and permanently archived in PubMed Central
  3. Authors retain copyright of their article, which can be redistributed and reused under a Creative Commons license as long as it is correctly attributed

Biomed Central publishes over 200 journals across the spectrum of biology and medicine. All research articles in BMC journals are peer reviewed and many titles are tracked by Thomas Reuters and have Impact Factors. For a full list of titles, see: http://www.biomedcentral.com/inst/36461.

The Libraries are pleased to support an alternative to the traditional publishing model and to help researchers interested in investigating new ways of making their research more widely available to the scientific community.


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Exam Master Nursing

The Ginsburg library now offers students access to Exam Master Nursing (NCLEX-RN Preparation and Review). Exam Master Nursing is a comprehensive self assessment tool designed to help students prepare for the National Council Licensure Examination-Registered Nurse. This extensive review program provides a flash card creation tool to help you study as well as practice exams and quizzes to test your knowledge. Exam Master Nursing also provides detailed feedback on the questions you get wrong and records your scores and history so that you can keep track of your improvement. With over 3,800 multiple choice questions covering topics such as Safe and Effective Care Environment, Health Promotion and Maintenance, Psychosocial Integrity, and Physiological Integrity, Exam Master Nursing is sure to become an invaluable resource for all nursing students.

You can find Exam Master Nursing on the library’s home page under the Self-Assessment resource heading.

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Ask a Librarian

The library is excited to announce that we now offer chat reference services!
Need help fast? Just click on the Ask a Librarian icon located on the library’s home page to chat live with a librarian.

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Spring Workshop Schedule

The Ginsburg Library is pleased to offer a new series of information workshops this spring. Taught by the library’s expert staff, these short, hands-on classes cover everything from effectively searching research databases to organizing and managing your references.

Sign up for a workshop today at http://library.temple.edu/hsl/hsl-workshops.jsp. Classes start January 18th!


Introduction to PubMed:

Learn the basics of the National Library of Medicine’s premier bibliographic database, including how to search, manage, and receive updates in your area of research.

Jan 18, 12-1pm

Mar 9, 10-11am



Learn how to build basic literature searches in the fields of nursing and allied health.

Jan 26, 3-4pm

Mar 2, 11am-12pm


Find Articles FAST!

Need to find full-text fast or to order articles the library doesn’t own?Attend this workshop for quick tips on getting the articles you need.

Feb 2, 11am-12pm



Learn how to manage your citations and make paper writing less stressful! RefWorks is free to all Temple students and faculty.

Feb 8, 10-11:30am

April 7, 10-11:30am


Using Ovid Medline effectively:

Learn how to navigate OVID’s new interface for optimal literature searching.

Feb 17, 10-11am


EndNote Basics:

Are you an EndNote user? Then check out this workshop to learn how to manage research citations and cite references while writing papers.

Feb 23, 12-1:30pm


Updates and Alerts: Tools for Tracking Published Articles:

Learn how to receive customized email alerts when articles are published about research topics in your area of interest.

April 13, 12-1pm


Faculty Credentialing Resources:

Find journal impact factors, conduct cited reference searches, and more.

June 1, 3-4pm

Can’t attend one of the sessions listed?

Contact Susan Lavalley, Education Services Librarian at lavalley@temple.edu to schedule a workshop or private consultation.

Cancellation policy: 

The library reserves the right to cancel workshops with fewer than 3 registrants.  In such cases, registered participants will be contacted by the instructor and given the option of scheduling a consultation.

To cancel an existing workshop registration, please contact library staff @ 707-2026.

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Clinical Pharmacology

The library is introducing a new trial for Clinical Pharmacology, a professional reference tool designed to provide clinicians with access to an extensive amount of drug information in a simple to use interface. Features include clinical calculators, patient education handouts, drug monographs, and multiple reports, including drug interaction, clinical comparison, and IV compatibility. Clinical Pharmacology also provides access to ToxED, a comprehensive toxicology resource for clinicians. This trial is available until Novemebr 30, 2010.


Please contact Barbara Kuchan with your feedback.

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The library is pleased to introduce a new trial for AccessPhysiotherapy. This subscription-based website is a great resource for physical therapy students and educators as well as anyone interested in the field. AccessPhysiotherapy provides access to cutting edge information and educational tools such as videos and animations, a searchable drug database, a digital cadaver dissection tool, leading e-textbooks, and much more. Sound interesting? Then act fast because this trial ends November 25, 2011.

Please contact Barbara Kuchan with your feedback.

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Library Use Study To Begin Shortly

The Ginsburg Health Sciences Library will be participating in a library use study sponsored by Temple’s Controller’s Office for a 12-month period starting at the end of August. Data collected will be used to meet federal reporting requirements and to help establish funding allocations for the University.

The study will be conducted during randomly selected 2 hour intervals per month. It has two parts: 1) a printed survey that will be handed out when an individual enters the library and 2) a web-based survey that will appear on screen when you use an online journal or database. These will not be administered concurrently.

The survey should take only a minute or two. This project is important to both the health sciences schools and the Health Sciences Library. We look forward to your helping us in this endeavor.

If you have any questions about the survey, please feel free to contact Patricia Russo, Assistant Controller at: russop@temple.edu.


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Ginsburg Fall Workshop Schedule

The Ginsburg Library is pleased to offer a new series of information workshops. Taught by the Library’s expert staff, these short, hands-on classes cover everything from effectively searching research databases to organizing and managing your references. To register, please contact Susan LaValley at: lavalley@temple.edu.


Sept 7, 10:30-11:30am

Oct 5, 3-4pm

Web-based citation management software, free to all Temple faculty and students. Learn how store and utilize research citations.


Introduction to PubMed

Sept 15, 12-1pm

Oct 25, 11am-12pm

The National Library of Medicine’s premier bibliographic database is freely accessible on the web and has over 19 million citations in the biomedical and life sciences fields. Learn how to search, manage, and receive updates in your area of research.



Sept 21, 3-4pm

Nov 18, 11am-12pm

For users already familiar with searching the database, this workshop will cover more advanced features like locating evidence-based practice information, managing search results, and creating alerts.


Introduction to OVID

Sept 23, 3-4pm

Oct 20, 10-11am

For researchers using MEDLINE, PsycINFO, Journals @ Ovid, or Evidence Based Medicine Reviews, Ovid is the platform. Learn how to navigate Ovid’s new interface for optimal searching and how to save and email your results.


EndNote Open Forum

Sept 29, 12 – 3 pm

A drop-in session designed to answer your questions about using End-Note.



Oct 1, 10-10:30am

Not sure when to use OVID MEDLINE and when to use PubMed? Find out which works best for your research needs.


Evidence-Based Practice Resources @ the Library

Oct 12, 10-10:30am

Learn how to efficiently search a variety of library resources for evidence-based practice information, including clinical decision-making tools and research databases.


Find articles FAST!

Oct 14, 12-12:30pm

Need to find full-text fast or to order articles the library doesn’t own? Attend this short workshop for quick tips on getting the articles you need.


EndNote Basics

Nov 3, 1-2pm

For users of EndNote X3 citation management software. Learn how manage research citations and how to cite references while writing papers. EndNote is not freely provided to Temple faculty, staff and students, but available to individual subscribers. (Have only a few specific questions about EndNote? Come to the EndNote Open Forum: Sept 29. Walk-ins welcome anytime between 12-3pm.)


Faculty Credentialing Resources

Nov 11, 3-4pm

Find journal impact factors, conduct cited reference searches, and more. 

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Information Resource Seminars – Coming Soon

Beginning in Fall 2010, the Ginsburg Health Sciences Library will offer brief (30-60 min) hands-on workshops to our students and faculty that focus on effectively utilizing the library’s electronic resources.  Topics to be included are: searching key health sciences databases, locating full-text articles, managing research citations in RefWorks and EndNote, and accessing evidence-based tools.  Full course descriptions and dates will soon be posted on our website.
For more information about scheduled classes, or to suggest a library workshop topic, please contact Susan LaValley, Education Services Librarian.

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Try PubGet

If you want quick, easy searching of the life sciences literature and quick access to PDF versions of the articles you find, then PubGet may be right for you. The database indexes nearly 20 million documents, including those in PubMed. First, set your subscriptions to Temple University. Then, enter your search in the Google-like search box. The results appear on the left and the article appears on the right. You can also view the latest issues of your favorite journal by typing Latest: and then journal’s title in the search bar. Setting up your own account give you certain customizable features as well. So, investigate PubGet and see if it suits you – you might discover a whole new way of finding information.

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Two New Trials

The library has trials for two information products from EBSCO Host — Dynamed and Nursing Reference Center. Both will be available until the end of March, 2010. Please contact Barbara Kuchan with your feedback.

DynaMed is a clinical, point-of-care reference tool for clinicians. With evidence-based summaries for more than 3,000 topics, DynaMed is available on the web or a hand-held mobile device. DynaMed is updated daily and monitors the content of over 500 medical journals and systematic evidence review databases directly and indirectly by using many journal review services. 

Nursing Reference Center is a comprehensive reference tool designed to provide relevant clinical resources to nurses and other health care professionals. Nursing Reference Center provides in-depth content covering areas including conditions and diseases, patient education resources, drug information, continuing education, lab & diagnosis detail, best practice guidelines, and much more.
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PubMed Redesign Launched

The newly designed interface for PubMed is here. This database is comprised of more than 19 million citations from MEDLINE and other life sciences journals. The new streamlined PubMed has a clutter-free initial interface, including a search box at the top and three neatly divided sections towards the bottom of the screen.These are labeled — Using PubMed (a series of ‘how-to’ links), PubMed Tools (citation matchers and clinical queries); and More Resources (including tutorials, clinical trials, and e-utilities). There is also a listing of new and noteworthy features — speaking of which, the opening page is currently featuring an icon link to a very timely Flu.gov.

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